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$375 a minute for 20 minutes of grace – but no dinner – with TheOne

This from the Providence newspaper.

Yes, Rhode Islanders, some of you are ATM machines but only less than 50 of you.

How do those chefs feel about their great dinner being blown off for a walk and pooper scooper with the first dog?

Oh please, read this story about the fabulous menu that was planned for the Head Taco. And drool over your tuna casserole tonight.  I’m sure there were many disappointed folks in the mini state by the end of this night, right down to the invitation and menu card designers.

And the Obama marxists call Republicans the party of the rich? Ha!

Furthermore, I’m sure his daughters would be scarred for life if he weren’t there to tuck them in.

But hey! What the hell! He raised over $300,000 for his party.