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Next installment on Kevin Jennings

More on the Jennings story at BigGovernment.

Why is no one paying attention to this guy and his past behavior? He needs to go the way of Van Jones – sneaking out in the dark of a Saturday night.

This is guy is disgusting and having him in any government job is unacceptable.

Listen to this guy, if you can stand it. He is nothing more than an elite academic spewing numbers and statistics that make him appear oh so smart and oh so important and saying oh so much of nothing.

What a bunch of crap!

Jennings: the best advertisement for home schooling

Kevin Jennings

From BigGovernment and Gateway Pundit. This is a true must read but be warned, it’s sexually graphic and highly disturbing. And why Kevin Jennings still has a position in the White House is a mystery to me! This man doesn’t belong anywhere near our children’s education let alone near our children, period!

Just as Van Jones and Anita Dunn (yea, I know her job was ‘a temporary” position from the beginning) were unceremoniously drummed out of their WH positions, someone HAS to take up the charge to get Jennings out. The stuff sited in the Gateway Pundit blog is disturbing and inappropriate. Exposing children to the kind of sexual information that Jennings and his cohorts are recommending to teachers, borders on criminal.

This is information that most adults don’t want to be exposed to. But to put this stuff on a “recommended reading list” for classroom use, is totally appalling!

The literature sited is not educational but pornographic and the genre of adult reading. None of it is for children. Not for a minute would I call for banning or censoring books and authors but these books are not appropriate for classroom discussion.

This guy needs to go. That is simply it. And someone with a loud voice has to take up the charge.