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Call Assange’s bluff and take him down

I”m really sick and tired of this guy. He has documents that he is going to release piecemeal but he threatens that if he is arrested or shut down he will release them in a giant dump, I say release them in a giant dump and get it over with.

At this point we are most definitely dealing with a terrorist who is holding these documents (and potentially innocent people) hostage. He has now moved from being the self proclaimed harbinger of freedom and free speech to a thug of the worst order when he threatens the United States (and let’s face it, WE are his target) with this dump of information. This latest threat really shows his true colors. He’s an ordinary thug who is willing to put at risk people and nations to protect himself.

Why would we negotiate with him? Why should we?

And while I’m on this topic, who is aiding him? All this information did not come from one lonely, miserable PFC. Assange claims he has information damaging to BP and most probably Bank of America. One mischief making private didn’t give him all those documents. In fact, I find it hard to believe that this same private gave him the State department cables.

It’s time to release the dogs on Assange and bring him down. This little “sissy” irritant has had the headlines long enough and his attempts to intimidate and control American policy has to end.

Mr. Obama, call off your dogs. Please.

from Fortune magazine/CNN. Mob bussed into neighborhood to terrorize families in their own homes.

Your thugs are terrorizing children, in their homes. What do people’s children have to do with any thing?

Watch here.

Read here.

These are Obama’s minions: SEIU and ACORN members. Obama controls this with his vitriol and divisive language.  He can stop this with one phone call and he should. Is this the civility that he was pining for and about just days ago on a university campus?

This is unconscionable, inexcusable, cruel, frightening and sinful. And one man can stop this, if he wanted to.

Mr. Obama, call off your dogs, they are terrorizing children!