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What Geneva conventions? You’re in America now, pal.

Wait until these terrorists come to the American prison system. They are in for such a surprise!

The Geneva conventions will no longer apply and the guards are employed by private companies. These are not the disciplined soldier/guards that those terrorists are used to. How long will the private pay guards endure the abuse of bodily fluid cocktails (feces, vomit, urine and semen) thrown in their faces, the way the military guards have?

This is a worth watching video by Steven Crowder about the detention camp and the quality of life those terrorists will be losing once they enter the American penal system. Maybe they’ll actually be getting some of what they deserve but it won’t be because the military justice system at Gitmo was substandard. From all accounts Gitmo is an  exemplary camp with exemplary servicemen and women.

If you have the time, Bill Whittle has an excellent 24 minute video with a Heritage Foundation fellow that explains in more depth many of the ramifications of closing Gitmo.