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Important stuff they don’t teach you in school

 William Whipple, from New Hampshire,  was an original signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was a merchant, a judge, a Revolutionary War General and a member of the Continental Congress.

from Yahoo.com: Whipple freed his slave, Prince Whipple, who had fought with him in the war and was one of a group of slaves who had petitioned the Legislature for their freedom. Prince Whipple also is buried in the Old North Cemetery.

The Shaping of the American Mind: A Quiz from ISI

It’s only 33 questions and multiple choice. Take the Intercollegiate Studies Institute quiz and find out how much you know about civics and our history. Then read on and see how well we (the never elected and unwashed) do against the politicians we elect.

I was astounded at how poorly the elected do, considering that 36% of congressmen and 56% of senators all hold law degrees. (I thought those numbers were bigger but those stats come from ask Wiki.)

Print it out and share it with your kids, family and friends. It’s a great conversation starter, if nothing else.

This website is FULL of great information and different studies done with college professors, students, politicians and folks like us.

The information is astounding.

But this is exceptional:

and don’t miss this, in fact pass it along :

Revisionist history promoted by media, forced on students. We need to pay attention.

And a new name to learn about: Howard Zinn.

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