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Qaddifi family’s death still unconfirmed

Call me heartless but you know, I can’t care too much that Qaddifi’s son and grandchildren might be dead following NATO air strikes. He puts his family in dangerous situations and in buildings that are targets and then denounces the allies for their deaths? Gimme a break.

I don’t know why we are in Libya, to begin with. No one has proven that their civil war has put us in immanent danger.

Has everyone forgotten the dancing in the streets in the Muslim world when innocent civilian Americans are killed?  I haven’t forgotten it and I’m not celebrating their deaths (if it’s confirmed) but I’m sure not sorry about it.

In wake of world air assaults, Qaddifi calls for cease-fire

Didn’t we see this coming? And if not, why didn’t we?

How do we invoke a no-fly zone when Qaddifi’s soldiers are no longer (or so they say) firing on their own people?

Okay. A few threats from the world and he backs off. So when we pull off and go home again, you know as well as the sun will come up tomorrow that he will resume his attacks, although rebels in the east are claiming that the attacks have not ceased.

Drudge calls it a head-fake. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.