Thank you all

Your comments were wonderful and I appreciate your prayers and thoughts more than you know. I also know that many people have gone through worse than I am right now and I try not to wallow in self pity, nor do I ask anyone to give me special treatment because of what I’m going through.

I hate losing all my hair and before anyone says “it’ll grow back”, it won’t. I’ve heard  from 3 doctors that it will not and at some point you have to start believing them. I might have patches of hair, here and there but never will it be even close to the same. And I guess that’s okay. I can live my life with scarves and wigs. That’s the point —- I can LIVE my life, which is more important than hair.

But it’s not cliche to say that every day is a gift from God and make the most of them. I intend to, even with this guy in the White House. lol


Where I’ve been —-

— in a funk.

I am undergoing radiation and chemo starting tomorrow morning for this brain tumor that has started to grow. In other words – it’s now malignant.

I will permanently lose my hair in the places where they direct the radiation beams.Not at all sure I know what I’m going to do about that yet. 

Well, say some prayers for me, if you’re so inclined.

How does a story reach the interest of a national level?

Remember the Dr. Gosnell story in Pennsylvania – the abortion doctor who had a chamber of horrors? The press/media claimed that the reason it was not covered on national news was because it was a local story.

When does a story reach the national level? I guess it’s not enough that this “doctor” had dozens of babies and baby parts in jars and freezers in his office. I guess it’s not enough that this guy jokingly said “this [dead] baby is big enough to walk me to the bus stop.” It’s not enough that the health department was called several times on this guy and his office and he passed muster with them (?). Or that his staff claimed he (and he taught his staff) to cut the spinal cord on live babies.

However, the traffic snarl on the GW bridge in New Jersey is a national story.

I guess you can argue that this horrendous lanes closures thing is dangerous to citizens who have to wait for emergency vehicles and perhaps some died waiting. (So far nothing has surfaced on that front but rest assured, the media is digging harder there than they did/have done on Benghazi.) But does that reach the national news level? Or is it because Christie as appointed by the media is the front runner for the republican presidential run in 2016? Oh, I don’t know but I’m thinking the latter. This story would not have made more than a blip on the news except that Christie is the governor.

Don’t get me wrong. I think closing exit ramps and lanes is a horrible thing to do to a city and citizens. I think there should be some kind of punishment for this action and not just a firing. But seriously, would this have reached the level of a national story, if it weren’t for Christie?

I doubt it.

From the “no duh” file

This is the so-called unintended consequences of government rules and regulations:

read this from the daily caller.

It’s black on white crime so Obama won’t mention it

When it was white or so-called white on black crime, Obama was all over it.

Remember this:

and this:

But no message about these “knockout” crimes from Obama or the poverty pimps – Sharpton and Jackson. (I’m not going to link to any of the current videos. They are disturbing enough.) They should all be ashamed of themselves. Especially Obama. He was all over this stuff when it was white on black crime, even though everyone seems to forget that he’s HALF white. Not a word about the black on white or black on Jewish crime from these people. Not one word. And who by the way, was down in the south helping with voter registration back in the 60’s? It was the Jews (among others) helping those black folks. It was the Jews who helped the blacks get the rights to vote and sit at lunch counters.

This is wrong. It’s wrong on all kinds of levels. It’s what causes racial hatred. It’s what causes the distrust Americans feel for each other. Although this article makes no mention of crime (black on white, especially) I think it’s very indicative of how we feel about each other. Tell me honestly, how do you feel if you’re walking down a street and are being approached by a group of young black men? Jesse Jackson wasn’t shy about mentioning it some time back.

Maybe if these young men had jobs, this wouldn’t be happening. Maybe if their president hadn’t failed them, they’d be working and not suffering with a huge jobless rate. Maybe if they felt empowered by holding on to a job, they wouldn’t be out there “knocking out” folks. Maybe if they’d wake the hell up and see that this president has failed AMERICA, they wouldn’t have voted for him a second time. Maybe if they’d look in the mirror, they’d see who the real racists are in this country. If all it took was 97% of the black vote to elect a president, then they might be able to say America is a racist nation. But that’s not true. It took a lot of white votes, too.

They all should be ashamed.

Americans are stupid

We are hearing that the dems (Marxists, as I like to call them) are going to have a hard time with the reelections next year  due to Obamacare. Why? Why would that be? Americans proved themselves to be stupid during the last presidential election. I reassured my son that it would never happen. He asked me over and over again: will Obama be reelected and I promised him that there was no way that he would be elected to another term.  But the American people disappointed me.

Now we have him in office (AGAIN) and he has the whole democratic party in a tailspin.  They are panicked and for what reason? Americans are easily duped. Last year was proof positive. I can forgive one stupid vote, but two??? And the worst part is that these people are not the least bit contrite about it. They don’t feel at all responsible for the mess we are in, although they should. Millions of us are losing our insurance and millions more will next year and who’s to blame for this? Obama and his Obamatrons.

So don’t feel so sure that we have anything in our pocket. Certainly not the ’14 election. In fact, not the 2016 either. If we keep putting forth Milquetoast  candidates like John McCain or Mitt Romney (who by the way would have been better than Obama by leaps and bounds, even if neither of them are conservatives) then we deserve the government we have.

My healthcare “fix”

I’m not blogging much anymore. I’m so sick of saying the same things over and over again. The same things we are all hearing on talk radio and the same things other like-minded bloggers are saying. I’m just not that original to think up so much on my own without reading other sites and listening to talk radio hosts. I’m tired of calling Obama a liar. I was onto him as soon as he came on the scene in 2007. He was a liar then and he’s not changed. And geeze, it took “you can keep your plan, period” to finally wake up a few people.

Which brings me to my insurance.

It was all fine and good for me before Obama became president and for whatever reason, my policy was grandfathered in. I was quite relieved to read that letter, let me tell you! I’ve had this policy since 2006. I applied for it about 3 weeks before I had my first seizure and was not approved until the day I went to surgery for this stupid brain tumor. Somehow they knew I was going to surgery that day (I’m being sarcastic or who knows, maybe they did know) and so therefore nothing before that day was covered, including my surgery. I racked up a lot of medical bills that first year, all uncovered by insurance. All out of our pocket. But we paid those bills.

I had to have cash up-front for every single MRI I had that year (at least 6, just in the first year alone) and as most of you know, they aren’t cheap. I had to have a PET scan and CT scans, as well. After the first year however, they came through and paid their share of everything. I’ve been pleased with my policy even though it’s gone up now from $153 per month (in 2006) to over $300 now. That cost increase is all thanks to Obamacare, as you all know.

I was seizure free for 6 years with medication. Then in the summer of 2012 I had 2 major seizures here at home and thank God, I wasn’t alone. But it was 2 ambulance trips to the ER and then another ambulance trip to Las Vegas and a few days in ICU before I was able to come home again. I remember very little about that whole stay at the hospital but I’ve had to find a new regime of doctors since then and a new regime of medications.

Now we have a “reprieve” for the next year. Rich is covered through next year thanks to the UN-Constitutional Obama employer mandate. And I have another year of Blue Cross.

Who knows what things will be like for us and you, next year at this time. But maybe if we can take over the senate and hold the house, we can keep that liar out of our lives…  just a little bit.