Daily Archives: November 21, 2013

Americans are stupid

We are hearing that the dems (Marxists, as I like to call them) are going to have a hard time with the reelections next year  due to Obamacare. Why? Why would that be? Americans proved themselves to be stupid during the last presidential election. I reassured my son that it would never happen. He asked me over and over again: will Obama be reelected and I promised him that there was no way that he would be elected to another term.  But the American people disappointed me.

Now we have him in office (AGAIN) and he has the whole democratic party in a tailspin.  They are panicked and for what reason? Americans are easily duped. Last year was proof positive. I can forgive one stupid vote, but two??? And the worst part is that these people are not the least bit contrite about it. They don’t feel at all responsible for the mess we are in, although they should. Millions of us are losing our insurance and millions more will next year and who’s to blame for this? Obama and his Obamatrons.

So don’t feel so sure that we have anything in our pocket. Certainly not the ’14 election. In fact, not the 2016 either. If we keep putting forth Milquetoast  candidates like John McCain or Mitt Romney (who by the way would have been better than Obama by leaps and bounds, even if neither of them are conservatives) then we deserve the government we have.