Daily Archives: November 14, 2013

My healthcare “fix”

I’m not blogging much anymore. I’m so sick of saying the same things over and over again. The same things we are all hearing on talk radio and the same things other like-minded bloggers are saying. I’m just not that original to think up so much on my own without reading other sites and listening to talk radio hosts. I’m tired of calling Obama a liar. I was onto him as soon as he came on the scene in 2007. He was a liar then and he’s not changed. And geeze, it took “you can keep your plan, period” to finally wake up a few people.

Which brings me to my insurance.

It was all fine and good for me before Obama became president and for whatever reason, my policy was grandfathered in. I was quite relieved to read that letter, let me tell you! I’ve had this policy since 2006. I applied for it about 3 weeks before I had my first seizure and was not approved until the day I went to surgery for this stupid brain tumor. Somehow they knew I was going to surgery that day (I’m being sarcastic or who knows, maybe they did know) and so therefore nothing before that day was covered, including my surgery. I racked up a lot of medical bills that first year, all uncovered by insurance. All out of our pocket. But we paid those bills.

I had to have cash up-front for every single MRI I had that year (at least 6, just in the first year alone) and as most of you know, they aren’t cheap. I had to have a PET scan and CT scans, as well. After the first year however, they came through and paid their share of everything. I’ve been pleased with my policy even though it’s gone up now from $153 per month (in 2006) to over $300 now. That cost increase is all thanks to Obamacare, as you all know.

I was seizure free for 6 years with medication. Then in the summer of 2012 I had 2 major seizures here at home and thank God, I wasn’t alone. But it was 2 ambulance trips to the ER and then another ambulance trip to Las Vegas and a few days in ICU before I was able to come home again. I remember very little about that whole stay at the hospital but I’ve had to find a new regime of doctors since then and a new regime of medications.

Now we have a “reprieve” for the next year. Rich is covered through next year thanks to the UN-Constitutional Obama employer mandate. And I have another year of Blue Cross.

Who knows what things will be like for us and you, next year at this time. But maybe if we can take over the senate and hold the house, we can keep that liar out of our lives…  just a little bit.