Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

The marriage tax in Obamacare

Everyday it’s a new and different tax we are learning about in regards to Obamacare. This is something new and different you need to see on at PJMedia.com. It’s amazing that this came from a pro-Obama website. These folks are so proud that this is available so that you can see what this albatross will cost you.

The point of this column is that being married is to your detriment. It’s to your benefit to get divorced (or not get married at all) and just cohabit, until you get caught by the 16,000+ new IRS “wedding police.”  But if you do get caught (or in all actuality, when you do) they will charge you for all the years that you tried to dupe the government.  Apparently, there are only X amount of years that you can live together and not claim to be married – after that, you are considered “married.” The law in many if not most states says that you can’t cohabit indefinitely and still claim not to be married. Tom Blumer/PJMedia.com

I urge you to call your senators this week and beg them to vote against the implementation of this bill.

It’s likely that Obamacare’s implementation, no matter how expensive, incompetent, riddled with fraud and cronyism, compromised by privacy invasions and identity thefts, and disrespectful of Americans’ religious consciences it turns out to be, will be irreversible. To my knowledge, no other major entitlement program in U.S. history, no matter how unworthy or fiscally ruinous, has ever been fully repealed once it began — which is why Obamacare cannot be allowed to take effect.