The Liar-in-chief

How can you possibly believe this guy? When has he ever told the truth? Well, I take that back – he told the truth when he said that if you want to build a coal plant he will “necessarily” but you out of business. Otherwise, he’s lied to the American people. Remember the old “if you like your doctor or insurance, you can keep it?” WRONG! LIAR! (As a side note, I just got a notice from my Blue Cross/Blue Shield yesterday that my insurance will be going up another $40/month. That’s an increase of 100% since he came into office.)

But I digress.

As I said, Obama’s a liar. He’s always been a liar. And we are supposed to believe him when he says that it’s Assad who is gassing his people. Sorry. Fool me once…

I’m not that big a sucker. Like millions of other Americans, we saw him coming before the first election. We saw what a liar he was then. So now we are supposed to believe him and his Secretary of State when they tell us that Assad is the bad guy in this Syrian debacle. Count me among the 500 to 1 who have called my representatives and told them “NO WAY” do I want military strikes in Syria.

I listened to a caller on the Rush show this morning who said that it’s amazing how we can know so much about the Assad regime and the rebels in Syria but we can’t determine who  killed our fellow Americans in Benghazi. We can’t seem to determine who was behind the Fast and Furious gun running into Mexico. We have no answers to the IRS scandal that’s still going on. But by God, we know all about Assad and his gassing of his own people.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I am not giving an okay to this military strike in Syria. I refuse to lift a hand to protect any of those Middle Eastern nations, aside from Israel. As long as Christians are being killed and churches are being burned down, I will not approve any military action over there. Still, only a  few are speaking up about the Christians and no one in the Obama regime has spoken a word. The media has asked no questions of the WH about this. As long as no one has said a word about the abuse and murder of ME Christians, I will not give my support to any military assistance over there.

I hope you won’t either.

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