Daily Archives: September 2, 2013

No pass for Obama on Syria

Obama has painted himself into a corner and now he’s looking for a way out. Enter Congress – his way out. He can’t make a decision on his own, he won’t own up to the “red line” he put himself behind last year so he’s counting on Congress to bail him out.

Still I hear no comment on the Christian martyrs in the ME, and specifically Egypt. There is only one government over there that is fair to them and that is Israel. No country in the Muslim world is tolerant of Christians. But by God, they come here and expect us to make all kinds of concessions to their religion. We’re supposed to provide them with foot baths on university campuses but the American Atheists are coming after Christians right and left! The Islamists want us to tolerate sharia law here as they make no effort – in fact, they want no part of  assimilating into American society.

Until I hear something from this regime about the Christians who are being persecuted and murdered over there, I want no part of giving Obama a pass on this and I hope that the Congress concurs with me.