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In the words of the Great HRC —-

“what difference does it make” how these people were killed? So I now say to Sec. Kerry, they were killed and the world stood by and let it happen, whether it was from bullets, bombs or gas. And I’m sorry it happened but it’s not my business to do anything about it.

I’m not going to be a hypocrite. I know what will happen if we go in and support the “rebels.” They will come to power and we will have a repeat of Egypt: Thousands of Christians will be killed.

We “turned a blind eye” to the death of Christians in Egypt, the burning of churches. No one in this regime speaks out about that. Not one word has been said or one question has been asked of this regime about the Christian martyrs in Egypt and elsewhere in the ME.

But as soon as those UN inspectors are gone from Syria tomorrow, we will start bombing. Mark my words.  Obama will not get my support or that of many of my conservative friends on this move. I really don’t care if the Muslims want to kill each other. If there are so few moderate Muslims in the world with the courage to stand up and speak out, then why should I care?

Why should I be a hypocrite and act like I care? Sorry, I care about the dead Christians that no one is talking about.

He did exactly what I said he’d do

Obama’s gonna convene a meeting to discuss this, while cuts off aid to the military.

from Politico: . . . . Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) told a host of news outlets that U.S. aid to Egypt has been suspended. The White House said those reports are not accurate.

So here he is once again, on the wrong side of history.

Don’t cut off military aid to Egypt


This is just disgusts me.

I don’t know about my fellow bloggers but I fall on the side of the military in this one.  Anyone who is opposed to the Musllim brotherhood is okay in my book!

Let’s look at this from my perspective. The military are trained in the United States. They get a true feel for democracy by living here. They get real life experience with a representative government and Western culture. They aren’t as anti-Christian as the brotherhood, which isn’t saying much I admit, but it’s better than the alternative. I mean, who’s burning down churches now, and terrorizing and killing Christians? It’s not the military.  And who has the best chance of bringing security to the nation?

The brotherhood is evil. Morsi brought in sharia law, against the wishes of his people. And sharia is the evilest of all “laws.”  I’ll never understand how the left is this country can embrace this when sharia is opposed to gays and women. And I mean deadly opposed, as in stoning. 4 witnesses to a rape? Gimme a break!

No. I believe we should continue aid to Egypt. They have kept the peace with Israel for over 30 years. But I have a feeling that Obama will cut off all aid. After all, he’s never done anything that makes sense up to this point.

Now for something really different

This ad cost Bulova $9 in 1941 and it was the first ad ever – EVER – viewed on television:

Just one more lie

Somebody want to tell me what’s happened here? All we heard last year, during the election was that we “had Al Qaeda on the run.”

And now we are closing embassies and issuing travel adversaries?

hmmmm. Sounds like Obama was just so anxious to get re-elected that he – LIED! Just one of so many lies he’s told us. Those of us who didn’t buy his lies from the start though, feel more and more vindicated by this.

God forbid that something horrible happens in the upcoming days or weeks, I will not be saying I toldja so. My heart will break for those who suffer, just like it always has. But I think it needs to be mentioned that Obama has done nothing but lie to us.