Shame on everyone who’s ignored these kinds of stories

Look at the face of this child. Is he not adorable? Doesn’t he make you want to hug him tight? He had the most angelic face and no one could say he wasn’t a beautiful child.


This is the face of the late 9 month old Delric Waymon Miller IV.

Killed in a drive by shooting in Detroit last year. Did Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson show up in the neighborhood and console the mother? Did the president say “if I had a son, he’d look just like Delric?” Were there riots in the streets because of this senseless killing – spurred on by the poverty pimps (Jackson and Sharpton) and the media? Were there threats to the killer or the family of the killer?

The answers are no, no, no, and no. This killing is okay and warrants no media coverage because it’s black on black crime. This is the third blog I’ve done on this child. To my knowledge, no one has been arrested in this murder and I doubt that anyone will be, ever. No one seems to care about this child except for me and his family. The president called some gay football player and congratulated him for “coming out” but no call to Delric’s mom to console her.

Where’s Holder and his DOJ? Didn’t this shooting violate little 9 month old Delric’s civil rights to life?  Again, this is black on black crime and they don’t care! It doesn’t fit their story line. We are a nation of white folks who hate all “people of color” and that’s the line they are going to carry on with. If the crime doesn’t fit this narrative, it will be ignored.

But how anyone can ignore this beautiful baby’s loss of life is a sin. His blood is on the hands of everyone who ignored it and continues to be so. Obama, Holder, the media – everyone! Shame on all of you who continue to ignore the death of ALL of these little innocents because they’re not the  cases you WANT them to be. After all, this is not a “white Hispanic” who killed a teenage boy….


5 responses to “Shame on everyone who’s ignored these kinds of stories

  • bydesign001

    Hey there Roxy,

    I nominated your for the Most Influential Blogger Award.

    And yes, shame on the race profiteers for ignoring such tragedies.

  • Linda Athens

    Beautiful little boy – doesn’t fit in with their narrative as someone already said so he is just another statistic noone looks at or cares about. His death was senseless. I don’t know who killed him but we have to guess it was probably black on black crime which noone in this administration gives a damn about. It cuts into their time of ragging whites on being racists…when they are the true racists. Rest in peace in the arms of God, little man.

    • roxannadanna

      Thank you Linda! Good to see you here too. I agree with you everything you said. 😉 In the story from the Detroit FreePress, it states specifically that this is a gang related killing. But of course, the parents are not going to turn anyone in for this. Everyone is afraid of gang retaliation.
      And in a following story about this beautiful baby’s funeral, the daddy showed up in a white hoodie. By the way, this happened long before the Trayvon Martin hoopla. Such a class act! A hoodie at his baby’s funeral!

  • Freedom, by the way

    You’re exactly right, Roxi. They don’t care about human life. They only care about advancing their agenda.

    • roxannadanna

      That is absolutely true, freedom. This is all about politics and nothing more. No one cares about the loss of little lives.

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