Forgive and let God sort it out

We’re all sinners. We’ve all been in a place where we had to seek forgiveness and apologize. And for the sincere, it’s a hard thing to do.

Yesterday I watched the news as a girl in the Zimmerman trial said that “crazy assed cracker” was not a racist comment. And then I read that Alec Baldwin tweeted a rant to a reporter who Alec called a “queen” and other vulgar things. Finally, I watched a video clip as Paula Deen made a tearful apology on the Today show.

Now, I admit to 1. never watching network tv and 2. knowing very little about Paula Deen. Short of knowing that she’s a Southern chef, that’s about it.

But since the deposition came out that she used the n-word 30 years ago, she has lost most of her business partners. Even with Paulas tearful apology on video and television, these businesses have severed ties with her.

Has Baldwin apologized? Has Capitol One cut him off as a spokesman for their credit card? The answer is no, not as of this writing, at least. For some reason, he’s a protected person.

We’ve become a nation of double standards. It’s okay for him to rant vulgarities to a reporter,  just a couple days ago but not for Paula to apologize for a racist comment she admits to making over 30 years ago.

My point is this: It’s not our place to determine sincerity. That’s up to God. But when we are asked for forgiveness, we should extend it. We are all sinners and we have all made missteps in our lives. We have all misspoken. We have all said things that we now regret. We all know how hard it is to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Paula Deen has asked for forgiveness and who are we not to grant it to her?


4 responses to “Forgive and let God sort it out

  • bydesign001

    Good morning Roxy,

    I pray that you are well this morning. This post is the best commentary that I have read thus far on the takedown (because that’s exactly what it is) of Paula Deen for something she said THIRTY YEARS AGO.

    Even with Paulas tearful apology on video and television, these businesses have severed ties with her.

    For starters, THIRTY YEARS AGO, was a spring chicken (pardon the metaphor) as were we all and many of us are guilty or saying and doing that which we would never entertain today.

    This country is as drunk on the race card as it is on hypocrisy. I doubt very much that there is one ethnic group in the world that does not attack and name call another ethnicity so well Blacks and whites suffering from white guilt attack Deen, among others for that which they themselves are truly guilty, it must be called out.

    I find the assault on Deen about the “plantation wedding theme” most disgusting. Deen was referring to men wearing white jackets and black pants.

    There are places until this day is New York City, i.e., restaurants, dinner clubs, halls where one goes to dine that dresses their wait staff in white jackets and black pants as I am sure there are throughout the United States, maybe even the world. Yet no one acquaints said attire to the plantation.

    In the meantime, slugs like Baldwin because he is a Progressive gets a pass for sputtering nonsense that is 100 times more offensive.
    Finally, the icing on the cake is that the more Deen apologized, the uglier the attacks. I’m sick of it.

    You are right Roxy, leave it to God to sort it out.


    P.S. Not only did Paula Deen who is a Democrat vote for Obama, she campaigned for him in 2008 and invited the despot’s wife on her show,

    • roxannadanna

      Yea D, that’s the best part —- SHE WAS AN OBAMA SUPPORTER! LOL

      Another liberal take down by fellow libs. What could be better? and who comes to her aide? CONSERVATIVES!

  • Freedom, by the way

    Double standards, indeed. If you are are one of the elite’s “protected” classes–blacks, gays, muslims–then any speech against you is considered “hate” speech and the perpetrator must pay for the rest of their life.Or so it seems.

    • roxannadanna

      No kidding! It infuriates me that this knucklehead of a man can get by with this crap all the time (and others like Charlie Sheen) and never get called for it. But let someone who appears to be on the right (and I’d bet Paula Deen voted for Obama) gets crucified!

      I don’t know a thing about her, but I’m a fan forever now!

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