Is it about time for the pitchforks and torches?

The then acting commissioner of the IRS, Mr. Miller told Congress that what happened with the IRS (targeting conservative groups, religious groups, et al) was “horrible customer service.”

Does it irritate anyone besides me that we are considered “customers” of any government agency that is run by OUR TAX DOLLARS? I am not a customer of the IRS. As much as I hate to claim this, they work for us. We pay their wages.

What we pay in income tax is used to maintain our government, our military and numerous other essential needs of our society. I’m not complaining about that. I’ll pay “my fair share,” although I’m pretty sure that my fair share is more than what 45% of the population in this nation pays. But please, don’t consider me bitter over that or anything. (Insert rolley eyed emoticon here, please.)

Maybe that’s the real problem with these people at the IRS. In fact, there’s no maybe about it. These people in this agency feel they are above the law, above Congress, and above those of us who are their customers…. oops, I mean their employers. We really need to impress upon them that they WORK FOR US. We pay their wages and their mostly, unearned bonuses as well as their conventions with unnecessary line dance training and an artist doodling Einstein and Lincoln.

This crap needs to stop and stop now. We need to get rid of this Frankenstein monster once and for all. We need a fair tax or a flat tax because if we don’t go that way, we will end up with not only income tax but a VAT tax, as well,  just like the Europeans have.

We are already staring at European-style health care, after all.


5 responses to “Is it about time for the pitchforks and torches?

  • bydesign001

    Hey there Roxy, Great post. I honestly do not know how much more any of us can take from this rogue government.

    • roxannadanna

      I just asked my husband tonight – when will the tipping point arrive? When will we all say enough is enough? Will it ever happen?
      I’m at my tipping point already. I’ve had enough government in my life already!

  • roxannadanna

    Thank you both for correcting me. I guess when I pay their wages and their mostly unearned bonuses and their convention/training seminar stupid videos I shouldn’t feel like I’m their employer. LOL

  • nooneofanyimport

    As much as I in turn hate to admit it, the IRS does not really work for us. They are the enforcement arm of a federal government that claims a right to a percentage of our labors. If we resist this right, further labors are garnished, or we are even jailed at the point of a gun. We are serfs, and the IRS is a kind of overseer. It’s only in the last couple of years that this relationship has been laid bare for us, I reckon.

    Cheers my friend.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I’m all about your IRS rant. But I wanted to point out that I know quite a few state government workers on a personal level and they, too, refer to everyone as a customer–either internal or external. I think it’s supposed to be a respect thing as in “serving the customer”. But I’m pretty sure when Mr. Miller used the word it tasted like vinegar in his mouth.

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