An issue of privacy?

I love reading about art and this morning one story on drudge caught my eye.

There’s an artist in NYC who has an exhibition going on there. His name is Arne Svenson and he takes photos from his apartment, inside the apartments across the street. Interestingly enough (LOL) the show is called The Neighbors. All the subjects have their faces obscured or not completely shown but their bodies are. Needless to say, the neighbors in that building are more than a little upset.

(As an aside, I love this particular picture.)

The building that he’s shooting into has ceiling to floor windows. The question is, when you live in a building like that, how much privacy do you expect to have? And in this day and age, with everyone who has a cell phone or an iPad with a camera, can we expect any privacy – ever? How about all the CCTVs in this nation now – like the ones that caught the Boston Marathon bombers?

I think that privacy is a thing of the past. Americans don’t have that right anymore. We’ve sacrificed it for safety – and for the look of a fancy building.


2 responses to “An issue of privacy?

  • Freedom, by the way

    Those residents have sacrificed their privacy if they live wide open, I agree. Or anyone with neighbors that doesn’t close the blinds have to know they are exposed. (makes me think of “Rear Window”, another great work of art). But I expect privacy. I live in the country and anyone that can see me is obviously trespassing.

    • roxannadanna

      I agree with you, Freedom. Pull your blinds or curtains if you’re concerned with privacy – as most of us are.
      And you’re right – Rear Window was a great movie!

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