PBS on the Constitution

I encourage you all to go watch the first episode of PBS’s series on the Constitution. I just watched it on my computer – here – and the next episode is Tuesday night on tv. Or you can wait and watch it online later in the week.

I want to share some things that really stood out at me.

Hoover Dam, which I’m intimately familiar with. The host of this program, Peter Sagal, brags on what a great engineering miracle Hoover Dam is (and I agree, it is), how it made Las Vegas, Phoenix and Southern California into the great areas they are today, how this could not have been done without the federal government. Of course no mention of that fact that there were no unions, no EPA, no impact studies that alone take 10 years to complete BEFORE any construction can begin. So yes, it was done in less than 5 years.

I’m going to tell you a story about the new road they built over that dam. Originally the construction sign said that completion date of this highway was 2005. Then they changed it to 2008. Then they took the date completely off the sign. The completion wasn’t until 2010 or 11. And they had little black fenced off areas between the highways to protect the endangered whatever it was.

Peter talked to a black lady who was one of the original Little Rock children who were escorted into the high school when President Eisenhower nationalized the state’s National Guard. No mention of the fact that the Arkansas governor who originally opposed this and who sent out the state’s National Guard to prevent these children from going to school in the first place, was a democrat.

Then Peter travels to Montana and talks to a guy who is a big gun rights advocate. I’ve forgotten his name but that’s immaterial. Peter asks him why he needs so many guns. uh Peter, why do you need 6 bicycles? They go out shooting targets and he makes fun of the fact that they are shooting “imaginary cardboard invaders.”

And then they show a clip of Senator Rand Paul taking on a lady from the EPA and telling her that he is really unhappy with his toilet and all the other government regulations that the EPA has forced on Americans. She is smirking at him the whole time and tells him at one point that she can find him a toilet that will work for him. His retort? Are you going to pay for me to refit it too? The segment was a complete mocking of Senator Paul.

So all in all, there is no comparison to what Hillsdale has been doing on the Constitution. None.

2 responses to “PBS on the Constitution

  • AFVet

    True, but the people that think that PBS is the Bible will.
    What needs to be done is to have someone go line by line through the program and debunk the lies and the half truths.
    But,…that will never happen.

    • AFVet

      The other thing that needs to be done is to cut off funding for NPR and PBS with taxpayer dollars.
      Let them go out there and struggle for funding just like the rest of the radio and TV channels do.
      If Bill Gates wants to dump money into NPR, fine.
      The choice is his.
      We are denied the choice.
      Jet planes and tanks sent to Egypt, that we paid for, while Egypt is killing Christians, and worse.

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