Kermit Gosnell and the march of science

Pregnancy is usually not an exact science, especially when it comes to judging gestational age of a baby. Unless a woman has been celibate for 3 months or whatever, the one-time-off pregnancy is not that common. Those few women know exactly the time and place that they got pregnant. But for the most part, women don’t know exactly, so therefore doctors go with the 2 week addition and date of their last period to determine gestational age.

At this point in time, 24 weeks is the cut off point for abortions in Pennsylvania. Anything after that is considered late term and unless it’s a medical emergency, abortions are criminal. A baby is considered viable outside the womb at 24 weeks. If it’s viable, then it becomes a human being (according to some, but that does not include me.) And judging by the inexact science that this is, the baby could be 26 weeks or 22 weeks at the time of the abortion. No expert can expertly say which week the baby is at any given time.

Even an non-expert can tell, after an abortion, a fully developed baby, though. And when Gosnell said that “this one [a baby he had just delivered and murdered] could walk me to the bus,” he was noting how fully developed it was.
As an aside, he was also signing his arrest warrant for murder by making that comment.

But the point of this is that eventually 24 weeks won’t be the cut-off date for viable “fetuses.” One day it could be 20 weeks because science, as they say, marches on and I have no doubt, that will come to pass.

The argument can also be made for the stupidity of the left’s mantra of  the “safe and rare abortion.” Gosnell’s chamber of horrors was not safe or rare for these low income, minority women. Many had returned more than once to his office, so rare they were not. And safe? Don’t make me laugh. His abortion horror office was nothing close to safe. Right down to his non-medical, non-educated staff administering anesthesia and powerful pain medications. Several of his staff members have already pleaded guilty to murder charges.

If this story were to ever get out to the public, it would sway public opinion over night. Unfortunately, the MSM is not covering it. Very few know about this man and his hideous “practice.” That alone is criminal.


13 responses to “Kermit Gosnell and the march of science

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  • nooneofanyimport

    and have you seen Lila Rose’s groups’ newest undercover videos, with a pregnant woman pretending like she wants an abortion. It shows how these clinics may not be dirty like Gosnells, but they are just as murderous. He is no outlier.

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