More about Gosnell’s friendships and Arlen Specter

Back in the 70’s, Kermit Gosnell and a fake doctor named Harvey Karman, (not to be confused with the very funny comedian, Harvey KORman) experimented on Bangladeshi women to induce abortions in as late as the 7th month of gestation. Not only that, but they trained Bangladeshi doctors and medical assistants in preforming them.

The new “gadget” used to induce the abortion was a plastic do-dad that was inserted in the uterus and expanded with body temperature. The “gadgets” (aka the Super Coil) had dozens of plastic razors in it and basically sliced and diced the baby up. What a visual, huh?

They were sent on these trips in connection with Planned Parenthood. (Which is just one more reason why I no longer donate to Susan G. Koman.)

Karman spent 2 1/2 years in prison but was pardoned by none other than Gov. Jerry Brown. In 1955, Karman had preformed an abortion on a woman in a hotel room and she died.

Ready for another dazzling visual? He used a nutcracker as an abortion instrument.

Karman is also famous for being the father of Theodore Chipmunk of Alvin and the Chipmunks fame. Okay, the father of the voice of Theodore Chipmunk.

He never got a diploma. What he had was a piece of paper from a diploma mill in Switzerland or someplace like that. According to the very liberal Wikipedia site, he was in the process of earning his Phd in psychology but had no license to practice medicine – if you can call these kinds of abortions, medicine.

I digressed.

In 1972, on Mother’s day ironically or not, Karman, Gosnell, numerous activists and 15 pregnant and poor women boarded a bus for Philadelphia. Of the 15 women who had these super coil abortions done, 9 suffered complications and of those, 3 suffered severe complications.

Karman spent years in court fighting numerous charges and his conviction was over turned when the then Philadelphia DA ARLEN SPECTER failed to prove which women Karman had treated.

Yea, Arlen Specter. What a winner. More on him below.

Alot of this information came from


Is this earth day?

Well regardless, it’s close and while on the subject of Arlen Specter, he represented Ira Einhorn. If you listened to Rush today, you know that Einhorn is the self proclaimed founder of earth day and the murderer of his girlfriend and former Texan, Holly Maddux, around 1977. Arlen got his bail reduced to only $40,000 (which is $4000) and as soon as Einhorn hit the streets, he was long gone. He turned up in France, with a European wife and living the good life. It was a lot of wrangling and crap and new laws even, to get him extradited. He’d already been convicted in PA, in absentia and was facing a life in prison sentence.

Ira claimed, in his defense, that Holly had been killed by the CIA. (INSERT ROLLEY EYED EMOTICON HERE PLEASE.) Sure and then they stuffed her in a trunk and hid her in his closet — for 18 months until her decomposing body started to retch and leak into the apartment below his.

Being the true crime lover that I am, I read the book and then kept up on the current events at the time, about this case.


5 responses to “More about Gosnell’s friendships and Arlen Specter

  • nooneofanyimport

    sometimes, the connections are just too weird. thanks for the background info; hadn’t heard this stuff yet. Arlen Spectre, for heavens sake! and yes he does deserve the typos. And Gosnell deserves the death penalty, not that he’ll get it. Wonder where this Karman guy is now.

    best to you

    • roxannadanna

      Karman died in 2008.
      And yes, you’re sooo right Lin. This is the strangest connection of people.
      Gosnell is the most disgusting human being on the face of the earth. And he should get the death penalty. He’s the reincarnation of Josef Mengele.
      Best to you too, doll!

  • Freedom, by the way

    What a great bunch of guys. And one, a senator.

    Earth Day? Gee, was that today? Thanks for reminding me that it’s a good day to burn my storm debris. 🙂

    • roxannadanna

      Amazing, isn’t it Freedom? What strange bedfellows these people make.

      I don’t know if it was today or not, I was only half listening to Rush when he started talking about it. But The Unicorn killer (as Einhorn was known because Einhorn is one horn in German) was big news back then. And like I said, I love true crime stories.

      I went back and checked for typos just now and LOL i misspelled Arlen’s name! Freudian slip maybe? aaaaaahahahaha!

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