A little keyboard restraint, please.

I have a pet peeve that I really want to get off my chest. I subscribe to several different recipe sites: Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Kraft are 3 of about 6. I like reading recipes, okay? I enjoy reading them. Sometimes I hit on something I want to try, or I should correctly say that I want to modify, something new to our usual menus around here. I read all the comments to those recipes, too.

What I keep reading are complaints from readers/subscribers about how much sodium is in a recipe or how many calories are a result of high fat or some other stupid thing. I got a recipe today in my email featuring chicken alfredo with fresh spinach. It was made with Chicken Helper as the base ingredient. I don’t use Chicken Helper or Hamburger Helper in my house; it’s too expensive when I can make the same thing with my own ingredients. And my own is more healthy.

That being said, I know that these websites are in business to sell their own products in their recipes. Makes sense, right? Why can’t these other readers get it? I mean seriously, if they have nothing else to add but to criticize the website for using it’s OWN PRODUCTS in their OWN recipes, then move on. Gawd!

I get lots of good ideas on these websites, especially from readers who actually add polite comments about how they modified a recipe. Sometimes they add something to the recipe that I hadn’t thought of. But if someone comes to Betty Crocker’s website looking for low cal recipes, maybe they should go someplace else, especially if they are going to use the recipe as written and not use it as a jumping off place to make it their own recipes. That’s mainly what I use them for, as well as entertainment. I use them for a place to find good ideas that I can modify to fit our palates.

People just amaze me. If they have nothing good to say, keep their hands off the darned keyboard!


4 responses to “A little keyboard restraint, please.

  • Dena

    When I read your headline I thought you had written something about music. LOL THIS was a surprise. LOL And I agree with everything you said.

    • roxannadanna

      I keep forgetting to tell you how much I enjoy the cookbooks you sent me for Christmas! You know how much I love reading them.

  • righthook38

    That is frustrating. I use allrecipes.com, and they have a lot of comments from people who modify recipes. I don’t see too many negative ones. Some people just like to see the negative side of everything, I guess.

    • roxannadanna

      Hi RH!

      I use allrecipes and recipelion.com, too. You’re right- the negative comments are at a minimum at sites like those.

      I enjoy reading recipes – LOL – and I know that sounds goofy to some people, but I like doing it

      I’ve also noticed that I read the same kind of feedback (negative and complaints) at craft sites I frequent. It’s like they can’t just ask a question, without being snarky at the same time. Craftsy has a free block of the month club (for quilters) and I enjoy reading and watching the tutorials. I learn new tricks and ideas there. And it’s FREE! But there are so many people who can do nothing but complain about one thing or another. It’s free!!!! okay??? LOL Just ask the darned question, sans the snark, and move on!

      okay — it’s all off my chest now!

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