Happy Easter and Passover

easter-eggs I would like to wish a Happy Easter and Passover to all my friends. This is a high and important holiday for so many of you and I pray that it’s peaceful and that you’re among the ones you love.

With that being said, I want to bring to your attention that Google is honoring Cesar Chavez’s birthday today. For those who don’t remember or don’t know, Chavez is the communist founder of the United Farm Workers.

I stopped using Google a long time ago because of the privacy issues that surrounds that company and I use Bing for almost everything now. Unfortunately, “Google it” has become such a part of our vernacular that I still use it when all I really mean is “look it up on your computer.”

Google reads your gmail. Google map trucks continue to violate our privacy. Google tracks our computer fingerprints. It’s funny that the same day I bought a Gerber life insurance policy for my grandson, Gerber ads kept popping up on every single page I went to online. It was almost instantaneous, even with my personal shunning of Google they could still find out what I was doing, where I was going and how I was spending my money.

With the number of Christians and Jews worldwide, you would think that they could find something else to honor this weekend…


One response to “Happy Easter and Passover

  • AFVet

    I hope that you had a wonderful Easter Roxy. 😀
    We entertained Obamabots, but we had a surprise in that our Niece brought her boyfriend who turned out to be conservative and we had a great conversation.
    Imagine that, a young conservative !
    It was refreshing.
    My wife had warned me about political topics around my liberal MIL, and you NEVER say anything against Obama around her.

    As to your post,…it is just another indication of how sick our society is.

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