Schizophrenia versus lazy. I vote for lazy.

I don’t know anyone who “approves” of Obama’s performance.  I read the blog comments, especially on liberal sites and the majority of them are anti-Obama and yet, he has over 50% approval on them. Most of my friends are definately not pro-Obama.

How does this work? Who are these people being polled? Where do they live?

I’ve read the slant of the questions they ask, and they are mostly neutral. There is no sway in them to make people think they are asking one thing and answering another. For the most part, and especially on Rasmussen, they are pretty fair questions. But still, they have over 50% approval.

Am I totally out of the mainstream here? Are all of us – my fellow bloggers and friends – just plain wacky? Or is America just a schizophrenic nation? We want the Keystone pipeline and yet we still support the president who is opposed to it. The majority of us are opposed to closing the WH and yet we still support the president who enacted the closure and still goes on multiple vacations already this year. Oh there are multiple examples that I could throw out, but you know them all.

The bottom line is that I just don’t get it.


I wonder if the SCOTUS realizes what a can of worms they will be opening if they allow gay marriage to be the law of the land? Where does this stop? Is polygamy going to be next? Polyamory? How about incest? Will a parent be able to marry a child of their own?

What is going to happen is that they will be able to label Christians as bigots. As Rush said this morning, 2000 years of religion and faith will be called bigotry. They have won the battle of the language, as they so often do: Same sex marriage as opposed to traditional marriage, opposite sex marriage as opposed to gay marriage, revenue as opposed to tax increases. They change the words to win the battle and they do win, and we succumb to that. We don’t fight them on this.

I’m not sure we’re schizophrenic. Maybe we are all just too lazy to fight them.


I hope you are all watching The Bible on the History Channel. It’s really phenomenal. The DVDs go on sale on the 2nd, if you’ve missed any of it. This morning I heard that it has garnered 10 million viewers so far.

Roma Downey (one of the producers and actresses on the show) was on Hannity last night. She said they had a snake man on the set who would clear out snakes and scorpions before they started shooting a scene. Normally he cleared out 1 or 2 snakes but during the crucifixion scene, he cleared out 48.

No one will ever convince her (or me) that this is not a miraculous event.


One response to “Schizophrenia versus lazy. I vote for lazy.

  • AFVet

    I am watching the Bible.
    It is breaking records for viewership across the board.
    Kinda tells ya what people want to watch.

    Christians are not bigots.
    In Egypt, the Coptic Christians are being killed while Obama is sending the Muslim Brotherhood money, airplanes, and tanks.
    Is the Muslim Brotherhood our enemy ?
    No, Barack Obama is.
    This Country cannot be destroyed from the outside, but it can be destroyed from the inside, and that is what is happening right now.
    Obama and his administration are like termites, fundamentally transforming America, chewing away at our principles, ignoring congressional requests for information, poking their finger in the eye of America by taking extravagant vacations while people cannot find a job.

    Disgusting, deplorable, fascinating why congress can’t bring articles of impeachment against him.

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