Before you click “play” – beware

H/t to Rush Limbaugh today. This is not the actual youtube that he was talking about because as he said, it’s been scrubbed by youtube. But this will give you a really good idea what was scrubbed.

This is graphic but important for most of us to see:


4 responses to “Before you click “play” – beware

  • righthook38

    OMG. I’m never letting my kids leave the house again. This is more than disturbing. I’m repulsed beyond words…. This country is swirling the drain…

  • AFVet

    This is disgusting.
    The sitting members of congress are allowing this to continue.
    While there is a major effort to disarm us, Planned Parenthood rolls merrily along, indoctrinating our youth, killing babies, and yet the filthy bastards on capital hill are afraid to do anything about it.
    Waiting on the results of elections isn’t working.
    Too many months go by before we get a chance to voice our opinion again, and then, the election results aren’t valid and no one questions the obvious fraud that it took to get Obama re-elected.

    God Bless Roxy, I hope you have a nice Easter.

  • James D. Bast

    I,ve known for Yrs. that Pl;annedParenthood way a Very Very Vile & Dangerous Org. to Our Childrens Minds ! Whenever I said anything like that to People I knew I was told I was Crazy , that Our Government would Not allow such an Org. to Exist ! You can Imagine that the Moral part of me was Discusted , but the Human part of me said Why keep trying ! So I have Signed all the Petitions I could find , but Kept My Oppinions to my Self !

    • roxannadanna

      Something else to remember James is that the Susan G. Komen foundation (the breast cancer foundation) is in bed with PP. I no longer donate to Komen for this very reason.

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