Conservatism is the party of freedom

I’ve said on this blog more than once that liberals have to have a victim. And if you’ve read Alinsky, you know this is true. Back in the 60’s it was the North Viet Namese. Then it was women and blacks. Now it’s gays. But they always can fall back on women and blacks or other minorities. It’s their meme and their cause: victimhood of some group. They parse us into segments, into groups and find a reason that the Conservatives are oppressing them.

As Rush said at CPAC a couple years ago, Conservatives look out on America and see people. PEOPLE. They don’t see races or incomes or genders. They don’t put people in little boxes. They see opportunities and individuals. (If you want to really be uplifted, google his speech and listen. It was phenomenal then and it’s still phenomenal.)

But I digress. Rush talked about this today and he even took it a step farther than I did. Rush is much smarter than I am, obviously.

The democratic meme is that we are intolerant and oppressive. We are not either of those things. Conservatives are the party of freedom. Freedom from oppressive government intrusion. Freedom from onerous taxation and regulation. So the democrats come out as the party of liberty and freedom. They are co-opting what we stand for and they have so far gotten away with it. However, they are in favor of BIG government and what comes with big government? Less freedom. (I can’t remember who said that but it’s brilliant.) More government bureaucrats, more departments, more agencies means less freedom for you. Good Lord – look at Obamacare, for an obvious example.

Little by little the democrats are chipping away at our freedom. We are now #10 in the list of economically free nations. We are behind Canada. In 2008 we ranked #5. (In 2000, Canada was #20.) How many of you knew that? Yes, I know there will be someone who will bring up the “Big Crash.” But doesn’t it make things even clearer to you that bailing out car companies and banks doesn’t work?

The democrats are going to try to sell that they are for tolerance and freedom and Conservatives are not. And if Conservatives don’t get ahead of this, they will lose the next elections for as far as the eye can see.








2 responses to “Conservatism is the party of freedom

  • AFVet

    AMEN Roxy !
    Great post.
    You said, “Little by little the democrats are chipping away at our freedom.”
    I would add that the progressives have been working on us for 100 years.
    Everything came together with the election of Obama in 2008.
    They hit the sweet spot, and blasted the ball out of the park concerning legislation that the republicans could not block.
    Reid, Pelosi, and Obama are the worst things that ever happened to this Country.
    “Little by little the democrats are chipping away at our freedom.”
    They are now powerful enough to remove big chunks of our freedom whenever they deem necessary, while using our money to do it.

    Keep the Faith Roxy,…we ain’t done yet. 🙂

  • righthook38

    Good post. This is what is so frustrating about the new Republican “re-branding” strategy. They want to put people in voter blocs, just like Democrats do. We see Americans as Americans. Period. We don’t need to rebrand. We need to set forth conservative candidates with a clear, concise conservative message. Why are establishment Republicans listening to advice from Democrats? How utterly ridiculous.

    Did you hear Hillary’s speech about gay rights being HUMAN rights? So our opposition to gay marriage is now a human rights violation? Are you kidding me? This country is swirling the drain…..

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