Obama’s war strategy: Show them how weak we really are.

Isn’t it amazing how words come back and bite you in the butt?

Remember when Obama said that Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea are little countries? They are no threat to a big nation like ours. Nothing like the old Soviet Union was to us, during the Cold War. TheOne must hate that those words (and others) are on tape and are being played back to remind us of them. And now, in the middle of a sequester and we are told that the worst of the worst economically is going to happen to us, we are planning to bolster our weapons (to the tune of billions of dollars) in light of the overt threats by North Korea.

And do you wonder what this little nut case in North Korea is thinking by making these threats? In light of the 9/11 attacks (both/all of them) I take him seriously.

I think we should keep our military strong and up to date. I have no problem spending whatever it takes to do that. I think our servicemen/women should be compensated for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and ensure our liberty.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of the crisis-a-month with this regime. Everything is a disaster – a looming threat. Then when the regime finds out that the sequester threats aren’t going to sway public opinion, they change their meme to “we don’t have a spending problem – we have a not being able to pay for things problem.” They shut down things to make us feel the pain: Yellowstone, Yosemite, the WH tours. Things that don’t need to be cut and keep on $300,000/year calligraphers!

They are gutting our military and collapsing our economy. Cloward and Piven.

And that’s been his goal all along. Our enemies hear and read this. It emboldens those little twerps from NK and Iran. TheOne took an oath to protect and defend us and he’s failing on that. But he’s sure succeeding in bringing us to our knees in the face of our enemies.



7 responses to “Obama’s war strategy: Show them how weak we really are.

  • jumpingjim1

    Dear Roxanna : I have been told by Some very smart People the Reason he is Not going to be Impeached , is Because there will be Riots Across this Country , that WILL Destroy it ! Well I,m Pretty sure that Most of the People that have voted him into office are so Dissalusioned by now , That they Really won,t care !!

  • AFVet

    Don’t worry, the DHS has purchased 2700 armed vehicles to protect us and also 1.6 billion rounds of ammo.
    Question,… who’s is going to drive the vehicles, and wield the arms ?
    I always thought that we had a National Guard in place.
    Maybe this president doesn’t trust the National Guard.

    • roxannadanna

      I cannot imagine a scenario where our military would turn their guns on us. Being a military man yourself, can you?

      • AFVet

        That is not the military Roxy.
        The DHS is what Obama called his ‘Civilian Defense Force’
        funded as well as the military.
        We already have a National Guard, why do we need a civilian defense force ?
        I gave an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.
        SO HELP ME GOD.

        Obama doesn’t need the National Guard, he is developing his own militia, funded by our money.
        I would never turn a gun on a fellow American unless they were threatening me or my family, and neither will the military.

        Here again, Obama is bypassing congress to advance his agenda.

        Cheers my friend. 🙂

        • jumpingjim1

          This will take some time ! About 2 Yrs. ago I was told about some People that went out west , strictly to look at the Different towns ! Going into a Cafe , to get something to eat , they asked the Waiter if he knew of any intersting towns close by ! His reply was that there were a few , but do Not go up north of here ! Unbeknownst to the P[eople , when they left the Cafe , they headed in that direction anyway ! Upon comming close to the next town they were pulled over by what looked like Highway patrol , the reason I say they looked like is Because they were told to go in another direction , by men with a very Definate Russian accent ! Pulling Away turning , they saw what seemed to be a Millitary type construction ! Not long ago a Lady posted a rather Large comment about her Running into a Convoy of Foriegn Tanks at the Tennessee , Ky. Border , as she Passed them , she heard what she said sounded very Much like a Russian accent ! My brother being 1 of the head Government Guards over Ft. Knox told me that there is a Millitary type Base , ( along with a Chemical Warfare plant ) past the Border into Tenn. ! Is there Siomething Going on in America that WE Should ALL Be Questioning Our Representatives About ?

  • jumpingjim1

    Dear Roxanna ! There Are plenty of His Words that Have been Recorded For Posterity , But not for IMPEACHMENT ! Ask Half the Politicians in Washington WHY He hasn,t been put up For Impeachment Procedings , & They will tell you , WE haven,t got the Proper Proof ! BULLHOCKEY ! He IS GUILTY of Deriliction of Duty , Cowardice in the Face of the Enemy , TREASON , & Last But Surely NOT the Least , – MURDER – !!! I KEEP telling People & Telling People that there IS Power in Numbers , but Noone seems to Listen ! I call All my Senators & Congressmwen Every day , ( ALMOST EVERY ) & I get the Same Answer EVERY time ! Thanks for Calling , & We,ll look into it ! Have a Nice Day Roxanna , Yours Truely , Mr. James D. bAST !

    • roxannadanna

      hi James – if this were a Republican pres, they would have been calling for impeachment in his 2nd year – not 2nd term – 2nd year! This guy gets away with so much that a Republican would never dream of doing, let alone getting away with!

      I’m with you 100%!!!!
      You have a nice day too, James.

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