Cynicism is the only transparent thing this regime has accomplished

I remember in David Limbaugh’s first book, Crimes Against Liberty, a bus full of elementary students were on their way to the White House for a tour, right after Obama’s first term began. They were excited about seeing the president’s house and all the fabulous historical objects housed there. But due to traffic and, I believe a little bad weather, they were about 10 minutes late in arriving.

They were turned away. Tearful and disappointed, they were sent back home.

Sound familiar? Except this time the regime has the added bonus of blaming the Republicans for shutting down the tours. Will it work for them this time? I doubt it.

He refused to take the reigns and do the cuts that Congress was willing to give him last week. He refused and then said that it’s mostly impossible to decide between helping “these poor kids or those disabled ones.” How do you decide who to help and who will suffer? (The short answer is that no one will suffer but that’s a blog for another GOLF day.) I find it almost laughable if it weren’t so serious that we (collectively, not me specifically) elected him to make those kinds of hard decisions and now he backs away?

I think these kinds of cynical decisions, and others, are the only transparent things TheOne’s done, so far.


3 responses to “Cynicism is the only transparent thing this regime has accomplished

  • AFVet

    He voted ‘present’ 100 times in the senate.
    No decision, no accountability.

    Orly Taitz is a soldier in the battle to expose the fraud that Obama is.
    She is tenacious to say the least.

    Scroll down to Press Release 14 U.S. Congressman,…..

  • James D. Bast

    This Person YOU bPeople call the President has done More to be IMPEACHED , & IMPRISONED than ALL the other Presidents in the History of Our Country TOGETHER !!!

  • James D. Bast

    NO.1- I did NOT Elect him ! No.2 – WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE-UP to the FACT that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA HAS an AGENDA to Destroy America by What ever Means HE can MAuster ! IF not by Economically , then By Internal Strife ! EVERY THING HE has done since HIS first Days in Office have been SO BLATANT about this , that NOONE seem to Recognize it !

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