What ARE we doing?

I’m with Jay Sekulow – we have enough money to donate a quarter of a billion dollars to the Egyptian brotherhood government but not enough money to keep the air traffic controllers in place. Not enough money to house illegals. Not enough money to prevent furloughs here but enough to donate fighter jets to Morisi, which down the road will be used against us or Israel or both.

How much sense does this make?

This is money we will be borrowing, from China I presume, to “donate” to Egypt. And planes we built to “sell” to Morisi. And what does Egypt need protecting from? Which nation in the middle east will be attacking them? Israel is not going to attack them, unless it’s a counter strike. No one is going to mess with the brotherhood. Pardon me for this but the brotherhood (established back in the late 20’s) is the father of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. No one is going to take them on.

And as of late, Big Sis is already announcing the release of more illegals. Mark my words, anything untowards (as in criminal) happens to an American citizen by one of these released illegals and there will be backlash like no one has ever seen in this regime.

Or maybe not.

I’ve been disappointed by the American people before this. I’m sure I will be again.


4 responses to “What ARE we doing?

  • James D. Bast

    I mostly Wanted to Wish Roxanna a Very Happy Easter ! Now ON the Subject of Our People Not Speaking up for Themselves , I find that it is Purely Self indulgence ! AS long as Anything that is Going on in OUR Country , or OUR Government Doesn,t Bother My Little Piece of the World , then it Doesn,t involve me ! Well there are so many Reasons that it may Very well Involve you in the long run that I can Only Say this ;; If 1 Day You or Your Family ( GOD Forbid ) Should come face to face with 1 of the Released Alien Offenders , & You have some Kind of Serious Problem , I Surely Will not Feel Sorry for YOU ! It Doesn,t Bother my Little Piece of the World ! Thank You For Allowing me to Rant !

  • James D. Bast

    Roxanna ! You Forgot to Mention that this Money is Being given for a Promise , & If they Keep this Promise , they CAN & Possibly will gety Another 150 BILLION $ ! Even a Child Has the Sense to Behave for a Dollar , that if a he Behaves , He,ll get 3 more Dollars ! The Problem is that to many of the Good People of this Country have Become TOO Complacent ! & The others DON,T care as long as they GET thier FREEBEES !

  • James D. Bast

    To Roxanna , You Have nothing to be excused for ! EVERYTHING you just daid was True ! The trouble is , You Neglected to Mention the Head Islamic we have in the White House ! These ARE ALL just Step of his AGENDA to Destroy America ! If the American People Don,t wake Up SOON they Will ALL become slaves or ashes of the Radical Islamic they Call President !@ EVERYTHING he has done since his First days in Office have been Blatantly Clear , as to HIS Intentions !

    • roxannadanna

      Yes James, I agree with you. He has an agenda and it’s right now on course to destroy the Republican party so the dems can take over the government in 2014. Then he’ll have the apparatus to “transform” America in place.

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