Where and who are the Benghazi survivors?


This is something I’ve been wondering about for the last 5 months or so: Where are these people that were rescued from Benghazi on September 11? Why hasn’t anyone from the press searched them out? Why haven’t they been called up by congress? We have not heard one word about them – who they are, why they were there – nothing. Do you wonder why that is?

It’s hard to not feel like there’s conspiracies around theOne. My suspicions date back to his first term and the lack of college records. We’ve all seen pictures of his days in college, his photo with the Harvard law review. Where are all his college classmates? His records, his papers, his financial information are locked up and I have to wonder if they will ever see the light of day. Well, I’m older than he is by a couple years so I’m going to guess nothing will come out in my lifetime.

I try really hard to avoid conspiracy theories. They are usually bogus and end up making the believer look like a wingnut. I try to stick to straight facts and avoid the “what abouts.” But with Benghazi there is definitely something to question. In fact, there are many things to question and I have to wonder why there are only a few of us asking the questions.

Thank you to my sister-in-law for sending me this picture yesterday.


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