Obamafatigue and big government

I think that most of us have decided to just wait this guy out – suffer the next 3 years and just wait for his term to be up. I do have to wonder though, what his plans are with all this money he will be raising with Organizing for Action. What’s that money going to be used for? His library? Somehow, I doubt it. Maybe Michelle’s run for some office? I doubt that too. She wasn’t real keen on him running back in ’07. I really don’t think she likes politics, just the perks of the job like her own jet for Aspen or Martha’s Vineyard.

We know if we wait long enough, these leftists will hang themselves. They always do. It’s a failed philosophy and they are living in the past if they think it will work. It never has and never will. We’ve been living with the mistakes of FDR’s not-so-great big government for over 80 years and the subsequent legislation by other big government politicians, both Republican and Democrat. (It’s not forgotten by me that Nixon gave us the dreadful EPA and that George W. expanded medicare, along with other big government spending.)

I think this president needs to watch his steps, though. Releasing thousands of illegal detainees onto the streets is not a smart move and purely political.  He’s going to blame the GOP for having to do this and then if anything untoward happens, (like criminal activity by the released illegals) he will double down on the blame.

It seems to have worked before. He’s demonized the GOP in an effort to fracture it and to some extent, he’s accomplished it. Joe Biden really (and finally) said something that makes sense, however – Americans are tired of being tired. And Obama’s campaign swings are not helping that. I think they call it Obamafatigue.

Will all of this campaigning work this time?  I don’t think so but then I was sure that he wouldn’t get re-elected either and look how wrong I was about that.

6 responses to “Obamafatigue and big government

  • Freedom, by the way

    But while we wait it out the nation changes for the worse. One flagrant example is Obamacare. Like every entitlement program before it, Obamacare will NEVER go away and will COST MORE every year. Obama has done irreprable damage. I shudder to think what the next 3 years will bring. And his fundraising group? They are in place to push his agenda. Period.

    • roxannadanna

      Yes it does change for the worse and we will have our hands full trying to correct all the crap they have done, if we ever get the chance again.
      As far as using his money from Organizing for Action: He has all the money he needs to advance his agenda… OUR TAX DOLLARS. He’s not going to spend “his” money on that. If he doesn’t have enough money, he’ll see to it that he gets taxes raised to fulfill his agenda. But he won’t be spending a dime of the money they raise for him. That money is earmarked for something… what, I don’t know but believe me, they have a plan.

  • genomega1

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    Obamafatigue and big government

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