The most dangerous man to the Democrats

Marco Rubio, because he connects with people in such a heartfelt and sensible way, is according to Van Jones (remember him? the communist in the White House) the most dangerous man to the democrat party. Jones warned that democrats need to tread carefully around Rubio. I agree.

And this is why they are making such fun of him and his water bottle lunge. They couldn’t argue his speech or his points. They were too sensible to be argued, so they fall back on the Alinsky model of ridicule. But this will back fire on them. Most Americans don’t like ridicule. I say ‘most’ because there are definitely many Americans on the left or Obama would not have won the last election.

However, there are plenty of common sense Americans who give people a pass for mistakes or faux pas. After all, Obama gets away with many of them (remember “army corpesman” or the 57 states reference, just to name a couple of many?) I don’t believe in ridicule or piling on. I believe in debating the points and the best debate wins. I never ridiculed the president for making any of these stupid comments. I do take issue with his policies and his machinations, i.e. executive orders.

I think if anyone in our party who stands a chance at retaking the WH, it’s Rubio or Rand Paul. I could change my mind about that, but at this point, that’s who I’m watching and listening to.





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