Just when you think you can kinda like Ron Paul…

…he goes and opens his mouth or his twitter account.

I swear to God, this man is the most unthinking person in the country. Instead of saying nothing at all, he makes the stupidest comment that can be made after a man, an American hero, is murdered. He couldn’t really believe that making that comment could possibly help Chris Kyle’s family heal from this, in any possible way.

And his facebook “clarification” was no better. Paul criticizes Kyle for taking this sick young man to a firing range. Well, let’s see – What has Ron Paul done for any of these returning vets? Has he been willing to give his time or money to any of the causes for their recovery? I have no idea and maybe he has. But I don’t think so, judging by his stated opinions so far.

Ron Paul makes great sense when he talks about money and finances, when he talks about the FED and auditing it. He never, however listened to his mother when she told him to keep his trap closed (or his fingers off his keyboard) if he didn’t have something nice to say. I can’t imagine being Mrs. Kyle and reading that statement by Paul. At least Obama has kept his mouth shut on this. He’s run his gums on every other topic that he knows nothing about but at least he’s kept quiet on this one.

Chris Kyle was a highly decorated American hero. He and his family deserve better than Ron Paul’s thoughtless and harmful comments. They deserve to know that he was honored and appreciated by the very people that he protected and whose rights he defended.

God bless Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield and help their families heal from this tragic event.

3 responses to “Just when you think you can kinda like Ron Paul…

  • bunkerville

    Sooner or later the need to implode comes to all so called conservaties. I am starting to think its in their DNA

  • AFVet

    Obviously Ron Paul is just another charlatan.
    I hope that Rand fell a bit further from the tree.

  • Dena

    I bought Chris Kyle’s book. When I was through reading it I felt like I knew this guy. When I heard about his death it hit me in the gut. And then these comments made by Ron Paul made it even worse. Know what I thought first when I heard about this comment? What kind of doctor was/is he? How would you have liked to be his patient?

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