Residents of Rio Linda are going to try and make history again

Here we go. Democrats planning to make history again but this time with the first FEMALE president. And I’ll tell you what, they have a good chance at winning. too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist (although I’m sure there are many among you who will call me that no matter what I write.) I have no problem with the color of Obamas skin.  It’s the color of his politics that I cannot abide. And since I’m a female, I can’t be a misogynist. Well, not by my reckoning anyway. I don’t have a problem with Mrs. Clintons gender. Again, it’s the color of her politics that I have an issue with. Sorry, but my politics are not pink or red or the new red, which is green. For those of you “in Rio Linda” as Rush says, who don’t know what that means – environmentalists are green (but they’re really red.)

If these guys were moderate democrats (like Bill Clinton was in his 2nd term), if they were not so far far left, I wouldn’t have near the problem with them that I do. But these guys are so out of the mainstream, so far to the left that they are dangerous to the nation. Obama doesn’t even recognize that we have a spending problem. He says this is all a healthcare problem.

It’s obvious that he, as well as Mrs. Clinton are definitely residents of Rio Linda.


One response to “Residents of Rio Linda are going to try and make history again

  • AFVet

    I may be going out on a limb here,…but I don’t think Hillary Clinton has a snowball’s chance in Hades of getting elected in 2016.
    First, her age. She will be pushing 70.
    Second, By the time that election rolls around, this Country will be in the tank big time.
    Every time we turn around, Obama is kicking US again while the congress isn’t moving on his ineligibility to serve in the first place.
    Fast and Furious, Benghazi, unconstitutional deployment of troops to Libya, and now Turkey to man the Patriot missile batteries, all without congressional approval.
    IMO, at this point congress is the problem, not Obama.

    Take care Roxy,….Cheers ! 😉

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