Women in the infantry

When a woman in the army (or another branch of the military)  is taken prisoner and raped, we’ll see how much stomach the American people have for women in combat zones, won;t we?

5 responses to “Women in the infantry

  • AFVet

    There are many women that are accomplished pilots in the Army, Navy, and the Air Force, and the Coast Guard.
    They are fully capable of flying these machines.
    They also are fully capable of running the administrative necessities that are required to support today’s military.
    They are as proud to serve the Country in that regard as any man on the front lines because he needs her to perform her duty to her Country just like she needs him to perform his.
    It’s a team effort, why aren’t women playing professional football ?

    These aircraft need constant maintenance and very few women are willing to be grease monkeys.
    It’s nasty and dirty and it’s either cold or hot.
    It’s LOUD when the engines are tested.

    My brother was a crew chief maintaining F-111’s in the 70’s.
    It was so cold on the flight line that he could blow on a wrench and stick it to the side of the airplane.

    OK, girls, do you want that kind of duty ?
    Jungles of Nam ?

    Men have historically gone to war to protect the Country and the women and children.
    It was our duty.

    • roxannadanna

      I think by my post, it’s pretty obvious which side of the fence I’m on regarding this topic. Not wanting to gang up on Freedom, I have to agree with everything you said, VET.

      • Freedom, by the way

        I don’t call this ganging up! (Actually, I feel right at home since hubby is in the camp with you and AFVET). Again, if it can be accomplished without compromising the standards or the mission or the troops as a whole then why not? It certainly wouldn’t be for me (if I were younger).AFVET makes it sounds terribly unpleasant 🙂

  • Freedom, by the way

    I don’t have an issue with it as long as they DO NOT LOWER THE STRENGTH AND STAMINA STANDARDS. In which case, I believe very few women will be fit for combat…or won’t stay in for very long. The average 13-year old boy is stronger than the average 22-year old woman. There are exceptions. But very few.

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