Drudge: 1461 more days

And that says it all.

I think we are all resigned to waiting this guy out. Obama is a curse on our nation and we will have to just wait it out until his term is up and he’s back in Illinois or Hawaii or wherever he decides to retire and put up his library.

And speaking of a curse: I hope you are all praying, every day.


3 responses to “Drudge: 1461 more days

  • AFVet

    There is far and away enough evidence to impeach him.
    Investigations on Fast and Furious are ongoing.
    Benghazi investigations are also ongoing.
    Hillary is set to testify on Wednesday.
    It will be interesting to hear her testimony.
    Executive orders to bypass congress on gun ownership.

    Cloward and Piven said overwhelm the system,… well folks, your watching it happen right before your eyes.
    Obama is doing it, and he will continue to do it until he is stopped.

    The congress has to stop him, or we are doomed.

    • roxannadanna

      All your points are well taken Vet but there is no stomach for impeaching him – aside from the population. He has the senate and they have to try him – if the House even issues articles of Impeachment.

      Long shot, if you ask me.

      • AFVet

        Right Roxy, the house impeaches and the senate convicts.
        I would still like to see the house impeach him, just to cut him down a few notches.
        The MSM would explode, it would be fun to watch.
        His whole attitude is ‘try and stop me.’
        We may not be able to stop him, but it would be nice to see someone trip him up from time to time.
        I think that the next four years are going to be Obama’s worst in his lifetime. Can we say Waterloo ?
        Too many things are coming together at what could be an inopportune time for Barry.
        Stay tuned.

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