Throwing out the Constitution, state by state

I read this article at Fox today about the new sweeping gun legislation in New York and this paragraph really took me back. I had to read it twice to make sure I wasn’t missing something:

“It is well-balanced, it protects the Second Amendment,” said Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos of Long Island. “And there is no confiscation of weapons, which was at one time being considered.”

They were actually considering “confiscating weapons”. So what he’s saying here is that he knew – they all knew – confiscating weapons was a violation of the 2nd Amendment but the democrats were considering doing it anyway.  Are you reading what I’m reading?

New York doesn’t want residents anymore. They don’t want business in their state. Between their high taxes, heavy regulations and now their burdensome and nearly unConstitutional new gun laws, they will run people out. People will continue to leave the state. They will lose more and more of their tax base.  Hell, when Rush left Manhattan, I’m sure there was a massive fear of closure of New York public libraries.

We are living in scary and perilous times when politicians will so casually toss around ignoring and violating the Constitution and encouraging the president to do so as well.


One response to “Throwing out the Constitution, state by state

  • AFVet

    New York, and California are both suffering the same degree of citizens departing due to the onerous taxation rates and the regulations by the state governments.
    Detroit, Michigan has been reduced to a shadow of what it once was due to oppressive liberal policies that were continued until the city is now a hollow shell of what it once was.
    Dennis Kucinich bankrupted the city of Cleveland, Ohio when he was the mayor, and now FOX News has hired him.
    One of the most left wing wackos out there.
    We do not have any conservative broadcast TV channels anymore.
    The internet is the last bastion for true conservative information.

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