Another example of “one-size-does-NOT-fit-all government”

On December 14th, like so many of you, I spent the afternoon crying and part of the next day, too.  It seems like only yesterday that I sent my kids to first grade, although it really wasn’t. But I can’t even begin to understand the pain those parents in Sandy Hook felt: the ones who found their children safe and sound in the fire station and those who didn’t.  I can’t lie and say I know know they felt, because I don’t. I was lucky to see my children grow up to be young, successful adults.  Too many parents lost that chance that day, thanks to a crazy, demonic gunman. Too many devoted and heroic teachers were lost that day. My daughter is a teacher.

All that being said, I’m not opposed to sensible gun controls. I think mental health background checks should be done.  I think that people who have guns should be responsible and keep them locked up and away from children, especially children who are not mentally stable. I think that parents should be responsible for the mental and physical health of their children. But as with all tragedies, there are extenuating circumstances.

The latest “one size fits all” Band-Aid from Biden’s research committee is to do background checks on all sales of guns – even those sold to personal friends or family members, in rural areas.  After reading  Chris Stirewalt’s column today it became clear to me that these background checks are totally unnecessary and cumbersome in rural areas, like the ones I grew up in. As Stirewalt says “When city people think of guns, they think of crime and their own vulnerability. When country people think of guns, they think of hunting and shooting and of their own empowerment.” Stirewalt also points out that many of these guns have been handed down from one generation to another. Or given as gifts.

These so-called gun control decisions should be left up to the states to decide that which works best for their citizens, not Washington, DC.  Wyoming (the state that I grew up in) is already putting together a bill to protect it’s citizens from the federal government, federal agents and any possible gun-grab. There are areas of gun control that really need to be left up to states to decide. Just as with education, this is not a one-size-fits-all federal government kind of decision.


5 responses to “Another example of “one-size-does-NOT-fit-all government”

  • loopyloo305

    It would be nice if for once people in power looked at the reason behind the killings and not at the weapon of choice. It would be nice if they truly were interested in solving the problem instead of using the problem to control others and as a weapon of power over people.
    I can not imagine an area like that I live in giving up their guns. I grew up around guns, in New Mexico, you were considered kind of touched in the head if you lived in the country and didn’t own a gun, same in Arkansas. You might have to deal with snakes, rabid animals, bears or even deer in mating season. In New Mexico, you might live fifty miles from a store, you took advantage of the opportunity to feed your family. We grew up on Rabbit, ducks, squirrel, deer and even elk. You might have to chase a wolf or a coyote out of your chickens or even away from your children. I understand this is not a concept that a lot of people that live in the city understand, but like James said, even in the city there are many that understand the value of self defense.
    Mental health is no small issue, my own brother was a paranoid scitzophrenic, that they said was because of drug use and brain damage. It is a big issue that needs more attention, and yet they would rather ignore it, push for legalization of more drugs, and go after the tool that was used in Sandy Hook. When you look at the violence in the places with the strictest gun laws, it is hard to reconcile that taking away guns actually works. God bless you Roxy!

    • roxannadanna

      LOL you are so right about the part about being touched in the head.

      And I agree with you on all points. Drug use or lack of it (which no one is reporting on) may have had a big part of what happened in Sandy Hook. It obviously had a big part in what happened in Aurora because this guy was not taking his meds when they got him in jail.

      I will also state that drug use in children for these afflictions like ADD AND ADHD are drugs that have never even been approved for children. Doctors don’t even know the correct dosage to use – they are prescribing in the dark with these kids and hoping for the best. You want to see some good movies on this, Generation Rx is a great one.

  • James D. Bast

    Sorry about the reason this al;l came about ! The loss of these Beautiful young people was a Horrible thing ! The loss of these Great Heroic Teachers was also devistating ! Now to what you said ! Not all cuity slickers believe what you said ! I lived in Cincinnati All my life , & see more & more tragic youths killings every day ! But I also had 2 Uncles that loved to hunt & fish ! & I also know people who have had thier homes broken into while they were home !~ Had it not been for the weapons they kept ( RESPONSIBLY ) in thier homes , who knows what the outcome m,ight have been ! Finally , I don,t believe this has anything to do with Gun control when it comes to Obama ~!! He has had an AGENDA since he first got in office , & this is just 1 of the steps to his Destruction of this Country ~ That being said , I do agree with every one that Mental Health should be Checked ANY time a person tries to by a Gun ! But there are already Far too many gun laws which Don,t even work ! I Believe finding out where these People have gotten these Weapons & handing Down VERY stiff panalties to the Suppliers may make the next person think , is it worth the risk to giving a weapon to a person I really Don,t know !!

    • roxannadanna

      I agree with every thing you said, James. We have far too many gun laws on the books already that aren’t being enforced. If they did enforce them, we’d be safer. But trying to grab guns is a folly. It will never work in this country. People will NOT give up their guns. period. And you are so right about that.

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