Happy New Year to those being investigated by the UN

This is week old news, as I’m sure you’re all aware.  But I wanted to bring to attention this story compared to the UN coming into Arizona and falsely investigating human rights violations.  With no argument from our federal government the UN came into my state and investigated (essentially accusing us of violating UN HR) and ignore this kind of stuff in China.

What kind of UN bias is this? They survive because of the United States. They are housed on donated land in the US. We support them to the tune of a quarter of their budget. And for the most part, we play fair – unlike the rest of the world.

I think it’s criminal of our government to allow this bias from an organization that we support. But the criminal part of this is that our government is moving so left, so fast that we are starting to fit in with the bias of the UN. We are all but admitting that we violate human rights and we do it in the hated state of Arizona.

*** *** ***

We are about to see just how big a hit we will suffer from Obamacare. No one listened, no one cared and here it comes. Your taxes and mine will go up $2000 to $3000 dollars this year. What will happen if most of us have to default on that?

Oh, and to all of you – Happy New Year.

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