Maybe it was lack of tourist dollars?

I’ve said all along that the lack of tourism would end this ridiculous nudity law in San Francisco and I think I was onto something.  Now mind you, there are still some who just don’t see it that way – the ones who continuously want to share their all-bare to the public. But the ones who do get it, the politicians for one group, see what’s being impacted: tourism dollars.

Who really wants to take their family to SF and expose their kids to exposed old men? I sure don’t and my kids are adults! Of course, I wouldn’t go to SF regardless of their law. It’s just too weird a place for my taste.

But it looks like the public nudity law is going to go into the gutter, where it belongs.

2 responses to “Maybe it was lack of tourist dollars?

  • bydesign001

    I cannot say that I blame the tourists.

    San Francisco is home to all kinds of filth and evil. And yes, who would want to visit a city with naked old men everywhere. The very thought of it makes me ill.

    Of course, the socialists consider covering up an infringement of their rights unless it is “Benghazi.”

    For the politicians, it’s about the money.

    Good post Roxy.

    Peace and blessings to you and your family on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day. God bless you. D.

    • roxannadanna

      You are so right about this being all about money – for politicians. They never seem to think about what’s best for the American people or so it seems. I mean look at Harry Reid. He’s made a fortune while being in the senate and all of it has been questionable real estate dealings in Nevada. Dick Morris did an entire chapter about him and the LV R-J have done extensive stories about his (almost) illegal real estate trades there.

      I really am sorry he’s still in charge of the Senate. History will not treat him well. Neither will it do so to Obama.

      I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well. Bless you, D! And your family.

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