A great gadget for doomsday preppers – and everyone else

This is way cool and a real nod to American ingenuity. As I understand it, it’s being used in flood areas of Long Island to not only cook on, but to recharge cell phones.  Yes, you read that right – RECHARGE CELL PHONES.

This gadget also provides electricity for lights.

It’s environmentally friendly – like, who cares about that? I’m sure we’re all going to be worried about our carbon emissions during a catastrophe or crisis. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here, please.) But if we ever find ourselves in a dire situation, this will be handy to have and the price is pretty right!

10 responses to “A great gadget for doomsday preppers – and everyone else

  • patriotrose

    Awesome gadget indeed. Next on my list.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ll tell ya rose, this is one of those things that someday, you’ll probably be kicking yourself for not buying. At least, that’s what I keep thinking. We don’t get any real flooding here but there’s always that 100 or 200 year flood that can occur.

    • Doomsday Preppers

      This is an awesome gadget – really great stuff. I never thought of my wood pile as a source of electricity but here we are. My only question – is there a way to scale up for a wood stove?


    Well Roxy, that’s cute.
    Maybe the welfare folks in Ohio can get Obama to buy them one to recharge their Obama-phones !
    Malkin has a piece up (Doug Powers) that says the folks in Ohio are going to see a $50 reduction in their energy assistance beginning in January.

    And another thing,…..What voter fraud ?
    See this.

    • roxannadanna

      So they are going to take back $50 in assistance to Ohio residents? Are you kidding me? The state they needed soooo badly??? Now they are shitting on them? Oh that’s too funny!

      • AFVET

        They are basing the decision on the fact that last year we had a mild winter.
        Go figure !
        I hope you had a chance to visit that link I posted above.
        Unless the electoral college is as dishonest as the Obama administration, we may have a chance.
        There is an awful lot on the line for our Country.
        The electoral college submits it’s final decision on Dec.17th.
        Mayans have predicted that the end will occur on Dec.21st.

        • roxannadanna

          Yes I did Ron and I signed the petitions too. I don’t know how we get through the next 4 years with this guy… I really really don’t.

          I was so looking forward to being over this depression too.

          • AFVET

            The sex scandal that the media prefers over the fact that there were 4 Americans killed in Benghazi is just a head fake.
            McCain, to his credit, is not letting the Benghazi issue die.
            This is going to be interesting.
            I heard that Holder is sticking around for Obama’s next term.
            He needs Obama’s ability to grant executive privilege barriers to keep him out of jail.

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