2 more days! Make sure you vote!

If you haven’t read Michael Barones column in The Washington Examiner, please do. Barone is known far and wide as THE expert and walking encyclopedia of American politics. He “goes out on a limb” and gives the race to Romney “handily.” Including, surprisingly, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Or you can read and listen to Dick Morris who has been saying for weeks (or it seems like years but maybe only months) that this will be a landslide victory for Romney.

Or you can listen to Rush who, has been trying really hard to contain his enthusiasm and excitement for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been saying since the first debate that Romney will win this and win it big. But even I have days of doubt. When I need some cheerleading, I turn on Rush. Actually, I turn on Rush every day but especially when I need some pick-me-up good words.

I believe that a lot of people being polled are lying. How many people do you know who actually think Obama’s a good guy and would give him big numbers in “likeability?” And when you look at the national polls and they are tied? But then you look inside the polling, Romney wins every single category by large numbers. Who do you trust to fix and run the economy? Romney.

I think a lot of people are simply lying to the pollsters because they don’t want to admit that they were wrong the first time around or because they are afraid of being labeled as a racist. There’s a guilt factor to this too. Who wants to throw out the first (half) African American president in history?

There also seems to be an increase in independents or non-affiliated voters. I think this is because there are a lot of die hard, life long democrats who can’t make themselves affiliate with the republican party but whose party has seriously left them. The far left Marxists have hijacked the democrat party. As we’ve all heard so many times: this is no longer the party of our parents or grandparents. And I can say that because my parents were democrats and were never as extreme, divisive or intolerant as the democrat party has become under Obama.

As I’ve said before, if Romney doesn’t win this, I will come here and eat crow before I slit my throat.  I seriously can’t take 4 more years of this personal and national depression.

If you haven’t voted, do so! Everything – EVERYTHING – depends that you do. We need to keep the House and take the Senate and most of all, we need a new president to get us back on a natural American course.









4 responses to “2 more days! Make sure you vote!


    Cross your fingers Roxy, this could be a big one !
    I think/hope Obama is going to get slapped big time this time.

    • roxannadanna

      My son texted me this morning and said “these polls are scaring me, Mom. Tell me for the millionth time that I have no reason to be worried.”
      And I did, as well as reminding him to get his butt out and VOTE tomorrow! 😉

  • Freedom, by the way

    I believe it will be a landslide, too. Voter enthusiasm is with Romney NOT Obama, this time. The young people, the blacks, the latinos will not be voting in the large numbers that they did in ’08.

    • roxannadanna

      2 more days, Freedom. 2 more days! I can hardly believe it’s here now. It’s been soooo long! But I agree with you. Enthusiasm is on our side this time.

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