The president has feelings – who knew?

I love this story:

“I saw the reports of Governor Romney’s latest ad saying that the president had allowed Jeep to move to China,” said [ex president] Clinton. “And so this morning, before he left Florida and went back to Washington, he said, ‘You know, of all the things Governor Romney has said that probably hurts my feelings the most.’ He said, ‘You know, I never had any money when I was a kid. and the first new car I ever owned I was 30 years old it was a Jeep.'”

Do you suppose that Romney’s feelings were hurt when he was called a felon and a murderer? When he was called a tax evader? Good Lord these people!

As an aside, if you go one and read the story, Obama’s “first” car was any number of cars. Depending on who and where he’s talking, that story changes. I remember my first car. I shared it with my mother and it was a ’63 Dodge Dart tank. That car was made of the same material they built Sherman tanks with, I swear to God.!

Also, this trip to Florida was a total waste of tax payer money. I can’t believe that he took it to begin with. Oh never mind, hell yes I can. This was nothing but, as Rush said, all about the optics of it. Get him back to the WH so he can look presidential. He’s had 4 years to look presidential and all he’s done is bow and look weak.

Now, with less than a week left before the election, they are going to try and make him look like the leader of the free world. He’s such a joker! HA!

4 responses to “The president has feelings – who knew?


    The election in 2010 blindsided the left.
    Hopefully this election will totally disable them, at least for a while.

  • bunkerville

    Good snarky remark on point. Meanwhile Christie throws Romney under the bus and embraces Obama for his 1 am phone call…guess he is getting ready for 2016 just in case.

    • roxannadanna

      Yea, Christie really has lowered himself in my eyes over this. He’s become a real Youtube phenom and I could overlook that stuff but for him to basically embrace the pres? No. Doesn’t work for me.

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