Some things to ponder as we enter the last week of the election

We’ll soon be in the single digits before election day. It’s a day we’ve all been anxiously awaiting.

This morning my sister-in-law emailed me and asked me if I’ve been as uneasy as she’s been about our safety, especially since the 9/11 attack in Benghazi. I’ve been uneasy since 9/11/01 but more so now. There are a couple of things that no one is talking about.

We’ve not suffered a terrorist attack because average CITIZENS have acted to protect us. On Christmas day, a foreigner on an airliner over Detroit thwarted the underwear bomber. A citizen in Times Square was alert to a car bomb. Both bombs were not set correctly. But had they been, there would have been mass causalities.

Yes, the authorities have thwarted attacks too –  one in Dallas, that I can think of off the top of my head. But regardless, there have been at least two others that protected us from mass murders thanks to alert citizens, no thanks to the Obama regime.

Secondly, Obama was real quick to come out and declare the death of Osama. The day after he was taken out, everyone in the regime is out front telling all our secrets and we now (some of us anyway) await a movie to come out using the SEAL Team as props. The movie will be pro-Obama propaganda in order to get him reelected. They gave unprecedented access to all kinds of top secret information to these movie makers.

But – BUT – where is the information after the Benghazi attack?

They failed in this. Someone failed in this and so no one is talking. If there had been a successful conclusion to this event, well…. talk about spiking the football! Holy Moses! We’d be seeing ads about this all over the place. But no one is talking. Do you wonder why? Yea, I don’t either.

What we know is that 4 Americans were denied assistance, told to stand down and are now dead.

And lastly, no one is talking about Iran’s nuclear capabilities in this regard. They may not have a missile that can fly far enough – yet. But they do have enough uranium to make a suitcase bomb.


3 responses to “Some things to ponder as we enter the last week of the election


    Yes, there have not been ANY terrorist attacks on US soil. How about Ft. Hood ?
    Unarmed troops standing there taking fire from a deranged Islamic radical that was being ‘watched’ by the supposed ‘psycho detectors’ in the Army.
    It was described as a ‘workplace incident’, or something to that effect.
    That was a terrorist attack on our soil on a military base in Texas,….why ???
    This current president is chocking up more and more examples for the congress to convict him of treason.
    The current DOJ will never allow that.
    The next one will, and if it doesn’t there are going to be some people in congress that will pay the price to not pursue the obvious disregard for the constitutional principles of this Country.

    Think about it,…Benghazi is the same damn thing.

    • roxannadanna

      How could I possibly forget Ft. Hood? Or the shooting outside the army recruiter station in Little Rock? Shame on me for that!

      • AFVET

        No shame Roxy.
        Just two recruiters taking a break and we never hear anything about it do we.
        God help us if we don’t get a landslide for Romney.
        I am soooooo sick of Obama.
        I have to give Romney credit for taking this mess on.
        Foreign relations, the economy, the MSM.

        Lesser men would never try.
        He will need God’s help to get through it.
        I heard a comment from Ann Romney that they had a serious discussion with the family about taking on this challenge, after all, they don’t need this crap,..they’re set for life.
        So evidently the decision was made and here we are.

        I think Ann will make an excellent First Lady.

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