Is this you?

“The election is tight, and Democrats and Republicans are always desperate to raise more money on both sides,” noted Los Angeles culture reporter Jenn Hoffman. “Some people just hate Hollywood types and are going to find a way to be envious and cruel to anyone they perceive as rich, famous and liberal. Those people need to spend less time on the Internet and more time focusing on their own lives.”

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This is not me and I don’t believe it’s you either. I’m not envious or cruel to anyone I perceive as rich, famous or liberal. I’m offended by them. They are rich and famous thanks to people like us but they pull no stops in calling us ignorant, stupid and hicks. They demonize the Tea Party, who’s only so-called  extremism is following the Constitution but revere the Occupy criminals. They are the 1% that the Occupy squatters are supposedly fighting.
I love Barbra Streisand but I’ll never buy another of her CDs. I refuse to spend money in the theater for movies starring or made by George Clooney (who I never liked anyway) or Tom Hanks (who I used to like a lot.) If these movies come on HBO, I might watch them because I’m already paying for it.  I won’t buy music by Stevie Wonder, anymore. It’s my own personal boycott of Hollywood-types.
But this is not out of envy or jealousy. It’s because of stars who think they have the right to tell me how to think. Or tell me that how I do think is wrong-headed. I helped make them rich and famous and I can and will stop doing it.
They aren’t special. They put their pants on, one leg at a time just like you and I do. They suffer disease and deaths just like we do.
They are no different than you and I. We need to not forget that.

10 responses to “Is this you?

  • Henry J. Bevil

    James did say what I have observed – in a visit to a filming site (a relative was on the crew). Only one actor was very open and friendly to my wife and me. Another was reserved, but friendly to me I think because I spoke a language other than English – he was sort of amused that I would take that tactic and speak with him for a bit as well as get an autograph. Others were very full of themselves and openly hostile, perhaps because I made the comment that some of the characters were clearly using cocaine and the sound system recording the film picked up my comment. Before this visit, I had been less attentive to such people as actors. I felt as if I could be an actor too, after all, we all are actors in our daily struggle to deal with “the system” of governmental rules and work. Since I am 100% disabled and mobility impaired, I do watch many movies and television historical shows. I never considered a boycott as a real way to deal with their dreamworld. Our society is so loose that only a small percentage would pay attention to the shouts in the wilderness. In retrospect, I suppose I do boycott many of the liberal, selt-important types by just turning the channel. I rely on visual input for entertainment when I get tired of reading, but I have more channels than I can really use at once. With the advent of Netflix and the plethora of other providers that I can access with my PC and use my wireless network to view anything I see on my PC screen. I do find the channels that are not insulting. I am a 2nd Amendment guy; I belong to NRA, I vote straight ticket Republican; I am retired military and have seen combat in reality. Political bigots come from ever where, in every party. We elect someone who ends up doing what they want, not what the people want and it is funny in a way. Do we not realize that this very same thing will happen to anyone put into a position of power and authority? I have worked for high ranking people (luck had a hand in that) – military and civilian. There were many very nice, dedicated, humble persons with whom I worked, but they were the minority. I have rambled enough. I may be too much of a radical right type person, but that is my belief and I will defend it in any manner possible. I believe the Border Sheriffs need our help. The commander in chief …. well, as ex-military, I still have to keep my mouth shut, but I serve my nation. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

    • roxannadanna

      Well I would never call for anyone else to boycott because I think they are really stupid when done en masse. But it’s my own personal thing. I already pay for my dish so I might as well enjoy it. Although so many of the movies made by these guys aren’t worth watching anyway. What I’m talking about is my own personal boycott of theater movies. And I know that by doing that, I’m harming a small business person before I’m harming any actor or studio. Another reason I’d never advocate a mass boycott.

      The last person who deserves to be harmed is a small business owner.

      And you’re right. It’s a very rare person who can get into a position of power and not become corrupted by it.

      I’m sorry for your injury/disability but thank you for your service – from the bottom of my heart I do. And I’m really glad you found my blog. Hope you come back often.

  • TxGirl

    I think they speak out of guilt – they know that they possess no special skill, talent or knowledge and yet they make millions! Most of us mastered “playing make believe” when we were 8. They would do better by shutting up and giving to charities.

    • roxannadanna

      I think that’s a great observation TxGril. I think you’ve hit on some of it, for sure. They do feel guilty for their fame and fortune and so they over do on the political side of things. Thanks for your comment and for finding my blog!

  • righthook38

    I agree. I have stopped supporting any movies that have people like Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Julia Robert, Jennifer Lopez or George Clooney in them, just to name a few. I don’t mind if they disagree with me. But when they reach the point of hatefulness and name calling, I’m done with them. These people are the first ones to say the rich should pay more, but I don’t see them writing checks to the IRS. They want to preach on this faux war against women, yet women in Hollywood are the most willingly exploited and harassed women in the country. They claim to know what Americans want, yet they’re the most dysfunctional, disconnected group out there, short of our politicians. They’re your typical liberal hypocrites, plain and simple.

    • roxannadanna

      Very well said, RH! And I think they are feeling the heat from middle American fans too. It’s a real shame that they have to produce movies that are so liberal and hateful to us.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I see some real irony in that quote. Aren’t we supposed to hate Romney because he’s rich and conservative?

  • James D. Bast

    The problem with these types of people is that they have become so full of themselves & so rich , that they have nothing left in the immoral time to do but crittisize anyopne who they believwe doesn,t live up to thier standards ! It should be High time that we all should boycott them & let them know how much they are really needed !!

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