Are you prepared for the worst?

I’m afraid that we’re not. I’m not prepared for what will happen if – God forbid – Obama is reelected. I think we are less likely to see conservatives take to the streets in that case. Conservatives are much more civil than leftists. But if Romney wins, we are more likely to see rioting.

Based on the article I read this morning on via Drudge, it sounds like we could see some dangerous deeds after the election. Some of the tweets reproduced there are pretty disarming, as well as pretty illiterate.

My sister-in-law Dena has stockpiled light bulbs and food.  I haven’t, at least not to any major extent. Certainly not like she has. I have lots of rice. LOL But I’m not prepared like most people seem to be.  We have not gone out and purchased guns or additional ammo for the one 22 that we’ve  had for over 35 years. Although I admit that we’ve been to the pawn shops and looked.

On the other hand, I’m not anticipating riots in my little Arizona town either. If they occur,  I envision those in our cities and urban areas. Therefore, the best thing for us is to stockpile food and money and prepare for shortages due to high gas prices and some possible rioting.

We planted a survival garden this year and we ate everything out of it. Well almost everything. I was able to dehydrate peppers. But we ate all the tomatoes. Our fruit trees are too young to produce enough fruit for canning or freezing. Hopefully next year we’ll have some kind of crop.

But being prepared is not a stupid or looney idea. Natural and unnatural disasters occur all over the country and the world and shortages of food and products could easily happen. We’ve seen that in higher cotton and peanut butter prices just this year.

There are countless websites and videos all over the internet to assist and instruct on this topic. Take advantage of the internet – while we still have electricity.


7 responses to “Are you prepared for the worst?

  • Freedom, by the way

    I have some emergency items. Having lived a month without power in FL in the aftermath of hurricanes I know that you need some sort of back-up. But I don’t have a huge stockpile of anything. Thankfully, like you & AFVET, I live in a rural area. We may have shortages but we won’t have rioting. Around here, Romney is the preferred candidate by a wide margin.

  • nooneofanyimport

    You have rice, and we have a stockpile of canned goods & peanut butter. Combining those would make a square meal, right? LOL

    that water purifier is good advice, thx Bunkerville.

    We haven’t prepped our home much, as we are constantly moving, but the way I reckon it, if things ever went really pear shaped, Hubs would either be deployed or stay on post. The boys and I would relocate to stay with family.

    Probably won’t happen though. And if anything does, I agree with AFVET, mostly it’ll effect big cities. Hmm, Tampa’s kinda big . . .


    • roxannadanna

      Yep like I said, I don’t anticipate this happening in my little town. Riots, if they do occur will happen in LA or Chicago or NYC. Not here. But riots in cities could cause a shortage in food and gas in my little town.

      I need to get more prepared just for the sake of being prepared for anything that might happen. It could flood here or we could have some other natural disaster. Ya never know….

  • bunkerville

    A water purifier is a must. One can live days as long as enough potable water. Just saying. The one thing folks often forget about.


    There could be riots if Obama loses, but mainly in the big cities.
    Yes, it will get news coverage, of course, but it doesn’t change the outcome of the election.
    I live in a town that will not allow riots.
    We are rednecks, armed, and willing and able to stop any insurrection that may befall us.

    The threats of riots if Obama loses is yet another card that the left is playing.
    They continue to prey on the ignorant among us, to their detriment.

    BTW Roxy,… your fruit trees should bear nicely next year.
    Hopefully you have honeybees working for you.

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