Intel, State thrown under the bus by the Obama regime

Last night, Uncle Joe not only threw the Intelligence community under the campaign bus but now they are throwing Hillary and State, too.

Hillary has been a pretty good soldier for the regime, carrying the narrative of “the film” for days. They went so far as to tape a $70,000 ad for Pakistani television apologizing for our First Amendment rights.  However, she has yet to really address this issue for what it is: a terrorist attack.

Does anyone wonder why it took the FBI over 3 weeks to investigate the site in Benghazi? I sure do. They couldn’t secure this area to allow the FBI in for 3 weeks, when CNN was in there in 4 days? I find that hard to believe. I think they want to drag this out so the investigation won’t see the light of day until after the election and then they are hoping for another democrat controlled Senate so no impeachment (if they win a second term) will be happening. Or if they lose (as I can only pray) an impeachment will be moot.

First Biden blames the intelligence community for not filling them in fast enough. But someone had to know in the first 24 hours in order that this terror attack could unleash activities that have to be enacted. Some one knew and someone had to okay this.  Now he is blaming the State Department for not telling them that officials in Benghazi were asking for more security. No one from the campaign alerted him that there had been 4 hours of congressional testimony on this yesterday? I watched it.

I don’t understand this regime. Do they really think they can con the American people and get away with it? 4 Americans were killed and at least one, it’s reported, was raped. All this on our soil.

The people will speak at the polls in November. The heads of the regime both need to be looking for a new job and a new home. Personally, I’d like to see them in jail, but that won’t be happening.


7 responses to “Intel, State thrown under the bus by the Obama regime

  • Freedom, by the way

    There is no way this is going to be resolved or swept under the rug before the election. If will, and already has, had a huge impact. Do you trust this administration when they say their relying on intelligence to find out when Iran is nuclear? They obviously aren’t playing well with intelligence and that is downright dangerous for America.
    And don’t be too quick to give Hillary a pass. She does what’s best for Hillary politically. She’s already taken steps to divorce herself from this by calling the press conference conference call a few days ago–without Obama & his minions.

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