Here’s what the president is really concerned with

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2 responses to “Here’s what the president is really concerned with

  • roxannadanna

    You know Ron, PBS – and to some audiences – NPR have some quality programming. I happen to be a regular watcher of Masterpiece Theater on PBS. And I like some of the programs on Nova and Frontline.

    That being said, I believe that CPB (is that the right initials for both?)) could easily stand on their own. They DON’T NEED OUR MONEY. They can sell advertising like any other network and still make money, without tax dollars.

    When you look at the amount of money that Sesame Street makes on merchandising alone, it’s ridiculous that they can’t stand alone. Their CEO makes almost a million dollars a year as it is.

    All these rich liberals (and I’m talking mostly Hollywood types here) can pony up some money and keep it in business.


    I listen to NPR and they are subsidized by many liberal foundations.
    Sesame street clears 100s of millions of dollars selling their toys and DVDs etc.
    Remember ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ ?
    I live in Ohio, and there are 3 stations that I can pick up on the radio that broadcast roughly the same programs.
    One is “independent”, and the other two are affiliated with local colleges.
    WOSU, Ohio State University, also has a 24 hour classical music station connected to them.

    I say cut off the taxpayer money and let them fly on their own.
    Let them eat cake !

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