Questions, questions…

Thought this was interesting – especially in light of Bob Woodward’s comments today. I remember this controversy after the ’08 election and like everything else that comes in contact with Obama, it went nowhere. No one in the media pursues anything that might be untoward if it involves TheOne.

Maybe this is the October surprise? And could it be the reason he never brought up Mitt’s “47%” video in last night’s debate? It could also be that the videos that The Daily Caller and Hannity debuted this week about Obama and his Other Race Speech could be a reason.

Who knows? I just know I want him to lose in November.


6 responses to “Questions, questions…

  • bydesign001

    Or could it be that all these so-called freebies are coming back bite the anointed on in the ass.

  • bydesign001

    Good question Roxy. Obama bringing up the 47% would be the equivalent to opening a can of worms, i.e., Obamas.

    Next, I have reached the conclusion that Obama is not man enough or at least wasn’t the other night when it came to looking Romney in the face. The debates the other night should have been mano-a-mano and the whole world today knows that it was not.

    The ads were so ugly and full of lies equal in distaste to the propaganda espoused by Obama in the company of his cultists and a teleprompter. While Obama can spin it to his cultists, he could not spin it to the country or even to Romney because doing so would expose Obama himself.

    When a person cannot look another person in the eye when he or she is talking, that person is not to be trusted. Obama looked like the snake that he is Wednesday night.

    • AFVET

      You are correct D.
      The next Presidential debate is in New York, town hall style.
      I would expect that the questions will be filtered.
      The last one is in Florida on foreign policy.
      That one should prove most interesting.

      Obama has stated that the real Romney didn’t show up in the debate.
      I think he did, and the real Obama showed up also.
      Dance Barry, dance.

      • roxannadanna

        You guys are both right on target. I can’t wait for the foreign policy debate. I want Obama to explain these recent attacks for one thing – although I know he really can’t.

      • bydesign001

        Of course, the real Romney showed up. What we have here is more lies and propaganda as espoused by the Marxist Barack Hussein Obama.

        By nature, we are creatures of habit and by nature, Obama is about as arrogant as they come. If Romney were lying the other night on live television, Obama would have called him out.

        The fact is that the man who showed up at the podium the other night is the real Mitt Romney and like a man, he called Obama out but like a coward, rather snake, Obama slithered back into his hole.

        Obama has these fools out here snookered so he did not want to show his spots. He would prefer that appearances make it look like it is his minions who are doing the dirty work when in fact they are taking their orders “verbatim” from the snake himself.

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