Libyans turn in their weapons

I don’t like Geraldo Rivera and for all the same reasons that you (if you are a conservative) don’t, I’m sure. He’s a braggart and a name dropper, just to name a couple of his annoying character flaws.  I rarely watch him, especially if there’s some thing even remotely more entertaining than he is.

Ah anyway, I had to laugh tonight when he announced on television that “we finally have some good news out of Libya.”

And what would that be, you ask? Answer: People in Libya are turning in their guns.

People are turning in their guns in a nation that’s awash with the heavily armed Al Qaeda. Good Lord, that’s how I want to be – defenseless and gunless in a nation full of blood thirsty terrorists. (Insert rolley eyed emoticon here, please.)

Well, at least one guy has some sense:

“I want to live in a peaceful place where only the police and army have arms,” Benghazi businessman Ibrahim Ali said after handing over a machine gun.

But he said he would still keep hold of his rifle for now. “When I can call the police and they are able to arrive quickly, then I can give them that weapon,” he said.


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