Does Obama really want to win?

I’m beginning to wonder if TheOne really wants to be reelected. He seems to be going contrary to every thing and everyone you’d think he would be pandering to. And when he’s pandering, it’s so apparent.

I read an article the other day on WND about TheOne sending someone to Hawaii to scope out some property for his family – in the event that he loses the election, but also in the event that he wins and will need a home in 4 years.  I mean, WND didn’t offer that as an option – they only talked about this “purchase” in terms of his losing the election. I, on the other hand, think that he might be looking a home for when he is done in 4 years, as well.

But let’s get back to why I think Obama’s not all the interested in winning.

Rasmussen polling today shows that only 23% of Americans believe his initial lie that the Libyan attacks and assassination of 4 great Americans, was spontaneous.  Why did he lie and why did he keep this lie up, even after it was apparent to almost everyone that it was not spontaneous?

And why has he kept up this lie that it’s all about some obscure video? No one had even heard of this “movie” until Egyptians decided to attack our embassy and replace our flag with one of theirs. My God, then it was all the surrogates in DC, and elsewhere, could talk about. This movie has been out since June or July. No one talked about this, no one in the US had even heard of it until the Obama regime started talking it up. Does make you kinda wonder, doesn’t it? Who benefits from this the most? It’s certainly a wag the dog thing. Take the heat off the economy and the jobless rate and put it on the foreign policy where Obama thinks he’s done a better job.

The day of the assassinations in Benghazi, he flights off the Las Vegas for a fund raiser.  huh? He’s more concerned about making money than he is about his foreign service personnel. Is he just this callus or this tone deaf? Or both?

He’s refusing to meet with Netanyahu, or any other world leader. He’s appearing on The View, though. I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who watches The View.  Be that as it may, I see his approval ratings with Jewish Americans falling. He needs the Jewish vote, in Florida especially.

I could go on and on about this. He’s pissed of border patrol agents. He’s pissed off Catholics and evangelicals with his abortion stance. He’s made it really clear that he’s pandering to Hispanics by signing his own DREAM Act, against the law and the Congress. He’s pissing off the military in Ohio (and other places) by not allowing early voting for them.

It’s just hard to believe that Obama really wants to win. And try as the media wants to, they can’t win this for him.






13 responses to “Does Obama really want to win?

  • Conservatives on Fire

    I’m havibg a pleasant thought. Obama loses the election and later becomes the next Secretary General of the UN. The US quits the UN and kicks them out of New York. I could live with that!

  • bunkerville

    You are making the assumption that he is operating from a rational mind. I suggest he is so self absorbed it does not occur to him that this is an invitation to fail..

  • Cry and Howl

    Roxy, I’m not sure if he’s “not interested” or thinks he has his re-election locked in. The media is all over putting him way ahead of Romney. It’s doubtful that much of it is true, but none the less I’m not seeing a serious campaign from the Romney camp. I’m actually hoping Romney isn’t pulling a “McCain” and throwing this election.

    • AFVET

      Without the media, you and I know that Obama would be toast by now.
      He, Obama is again ‘present’.
      If he wins the election, this Country is doomed.
      If he loses the election, Roxy is right, he will continue to be on the world stage in some manner or form.
      We can’t seem to get rid of the Clintons, they’re like cockroaches.
      I have to give Romney credit for taking on this challenge.
      He is capable of fixing this debacle that the progressives have imposed upon this Country.

      He is 65 years old, and still willing to take on the biggest effort of his life.
      We need to support hm by giving him a congress that will support him.
      God Speed Mitt Romney !


    Roxy, I have had the same thoughts, and Freedom, I also agree with you.
    Obviously Obama loves the limelight, the adoration, the cheering multitudes, the accolades.
    No matter where he lights, Chicago, or Hawaii, it won’t change the fact that he loves the cameras.
    You don’t see the Clintons avoiding the attention now do you.
    Even if Obama loses, he will have his mug on camera any chance he gets.

    On another note Roxy, I recently ran across a new website that purports to level the sampling rate on the polls.
    The ones that we are being shown are skewed toward the dems.

    See what you think about this:

    • roxannadanna

      I think he has his sights on the UN. After all Ron, he’s a “citizen of the world” isn’t he?

      I love that website and thank you for posting it here. I really do believe that Romney is winning but the media is skewing this to dispirit us, as Rush says.

      • AFVET

        You are not off the mark Roxy.
        The only reason that he won’t be a ‘citizen of the world’ is if he is convicted of treason.
        What is the chance of that ????

  • Freedom, by the way

    Of course he wants to win. Obama’s problem (among many) is that he doesn’t like to WORK. Campaigning & being interviewed in friendly environments is fun–he loves being on stage in front of an adoring audience. Meeting with Netanyahu is work. And his starstruck media would have to cover the meeting with some serious reporting or they would look like the idiots they are…and he would have to be briefed extensively before and after the meeting? Who’s got time for that?
    As far as Libya goes, he was trying & is still trying to deflect the story away from his failures. Much easier to blame an “extremist” American than to have the spotlight on him.
    I am thrilled that he’s planning on making HI his home base. He’ll always be a long plane ride away form the rest of us and travelers can still enjoy the other islands where he doesn’t reside.

    • roxannadanna

      While I agree with you that he loves the limelight and perks that goes with this “job” and so does Michelle, I think it really is too much work for them.

      I think that the UN is going to be his next stop.

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